22 October 2012

Day 123: Health Obsession put Sharks in Peril

Fish supplements are now deemed 'the new gold', as they are being promoted as being THE latest weapon to keep you from being depressed, getting heart attacks and dementia.

This point has become a very lucrative business, due to lose laws allowing shark oils extracted from species which were caught outside Europe, to be sold in the U.K.

The actual effectiveness of these omega-3 pills, are however being quesitoned.

Greek researchers found out that people who took omega-3 were not less prone of dying of a heart attack or stroke that those who did not take omega-3 pills. Similar conclusions were established by South Korean researchers.

In the meantime, many sharks are getting caught and killed for their livers -- so we can ward of our fears of death -- which are not even grounded in fact.

Sharks' livers are packed with these oils, but many of these sharks take many, many years to grow and fully mature.

THe leafscale gulper for instance, takes 35 years before it even starts breeding. If we go and catch these sharks, the balanced gets thrown off very easily.

Almost 6 million sharks are killed each year in order to meet global demand. That's a shitload of sharks.

Whithin all of this, you do not only have all the 'health freaks' buying these pills to stay 'healthy' and 'vital' -- but many people also takes these pills as a supplement wihtin the belief that if they take these pills, they can simply continue an unhealthy lifestyle and the pills will just cancel it all out.

So here you then have the 'Jesus Died for Our Sins' story, where we daily go and crucify sharks and steal their liver so that we can keep on sinning and apparently not bear the consequence.

This type of absolute disregard of other beings, for the sake of entertaining our fears is completely unacceptable -- all for the sake of money. Then, whenever there is an 'animal attack' or accident in a zoo where an animal attacks a human -- there's big shit and the animal is put down. However, if you look at history, we human beings are the most destructive, murderous force on Earth -- is it really the animal kingdom who deserves being put down?

It is time to thoroughly re-investigate and re-prioritize our value systems.

We're all going to die at some point or another -- do we really have to go and drag thousands to our grave in our fear of it? And within that allowing some to make a fortune while others barely get to live to the age of 5?

We're all here on the same planet, the same home -- and whether we like it or not, our existence is dependent on one another. If we start cutting down on one piece of the whole, we all are doomed to fail.

Instead of living a life of fear and greed, wouldn't it be better to live in a world that is Best for All and where we care for animals, plants and humans as we'd like to be treated ourselves?

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