12 October 2012

Day 115: Like Father, Like Son

 I’ve been doing some reading on the political development of countries post-independence. What is interesting is that the West is very much into getting these ‘less developed countries’ to a democratic state of affairs, but it just doesn’t seem to want to work. While I was reading, the point opened up that in essence the West was like a ‘Parent’, which imposed their ways unto these countries as a ‘child’ and where these countries simply observed how things were being done and how things could be done.

So is it really a surprise that there is so much corruption, dictatorship, war, disregard for human rights in these Third World Countries? I mean, all they are doing is copying the parent as those who were governing before them, which was the West. What they saw was corruption, exploitation, abuse, war, death, violence, disregard for human rights – all for the sake of self-interest as making a quick buck at the expense of many.

So what is going on in these countries as the corruption, exploitation and general disregard for Life – is merely a reflection of patterns patterned in by the parents. So, can you really blame these countries for acting the way they do? For not having a democracy? For having military rule? All they ever saw was people coming in and with force as violence and coercion, take the resources from them for their own benefit, and saw how easy it was to get what you want as wealth, if you use force and corruption. So then when the West left, all they did was copy what was done to get what they want. I mean, for a long time they were living in misery and poverty, and now they suddenly had a chance to get the abundant lifestyle their oppressors had. Once they had the power, wealth and influence they were so long deprived of – they were afraid of going back to life of poverty and misery – and so they did everything they could to remain in power.

What is going on in the World and the things we don’t like to see and talk about, as all those apparent ‘negative things’ which make us feel down – like poverty, starvation, misery, child soldiers, corruption, abuse – are really the direct consequence of who we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become, where our actions as self-interest have created a little monster that we can’t seem to stop – yet this little monster is us, just a more direct, obvious version. All we’ve done as the West is “civilianised”’ our exploitative ways, where we refined them and make them look so sophisticated, intelligent and complex – so that at first sight, it looks like we’re doing some cool shit – but once you look behind the curtain as the sophisticated charade – we are still doing the exact same thing we’ve been doing for centuries = abusing other for our own ends.

It is time to take self-responsibility and wake up from the illusion that we are good, civilised people – the amount of suffering in the world as never been this high through the whole of history, this again just shows our process of evilution. It’s time to stop and clean up the mess we’ve all created – check out EqualMoney.org and see how we can be a responsible, sustainable society that Respects all Life


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