16 September 2012

Day 97: An Economic Life Support System

I commit myself to expose how we, through accepting and allowing ourselves to merely see ourselves as limited beings who are incapable of any form of change, believing that we cannot stop our selfish, and thus, self-destructive nature, even if it is actually leading us to destruction.

I commit myself to educate people in seeing and realising that an individual in itself cannot exist and cannot sustain himself - as the physical reality is an interconnected system of life-support - and as such, without a group, without an inhabitable planet, we as individuals cannot exist.

I commit myself to stop the raping of planet Earth in all its forms - where the Earth is seen as what it is, a humongous life support system - and if we do not support the Earth in return, we will end life on Earth, if not Earth itself.

I commit myself to educate people in seeing and realising that it is not necessary for each human being to work for their entire lives, because we have the technology to minimize labour for each human to only require to work a limited amount of years, such as 4 years.

I commit myself to change the current economic system from a system of complete and utter disregard towards Earth, to a system that operates according to the principle of Life Support in every way.

I commit myself to let go of any preconceived ideas of what is possible and what is not possible and realise that if we take a big project and we approach it one step at a time, breath by breath, then it becomes do-able.

I commit myself to the uprooting of any beliefs that limit humanity through accepting statements such as 'that's life' where we completely surrender to the belief that the way things are, are the way things should be and the only way they can be - instead of just standing up and saying 'no more!' - to together as one, step by step, breath by breath - manifest a new world, one of which we're proud and one of which we can truly say: this is life!
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