19 October 2012

Day 121: Euro Crisis and Old Grudges

Germany has taken lead as part of the Eurozone to push Greece's austerity measures.

The German Chancellor Angela Merkel went to visit Greece to talk to the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on the status of the Greek economy.

Demonstrations and protests emerged, where some of the demonstrators were even bearing swastika flags to show their discontent at Germany being the one pushing the austerity measures. Points like Greece never having waived their claim at reparations from Germany opened up, and the Nazi occupation from 41 to 44.

So now here's all these people getting angry, and basically blaming Germany for the hardship they are in because of the war and never having received reparations costs.

But if you look at history, all wars were always economic in nature -- where somewhere someone wanted to have advantage over another -- like say Germany wanting to become a superpower, and then losing and then getting punished really bad for, so bad that they got angry and started a new war.

There's always been someone wanting more than another, always someone wanting to be within a 'win' situation -- where they fear losing their money so bad, that they make moves which are destructive for the whole of the world economy -- and yet throughout history, the same mistakes happen over and over again.

Most of the time, the reasons for war aren't even 'rational' in it's starting point (on that note, can war ever be rational?) -- where countries merely fear or interpret another countries economic performance in a particular way where they then go and make assumptions and want to go to war -- or where they feel like they are being treated unfairly and want payback, etc. In essence, these countries as 'personas' on their own, act exactly like human beings, where they are completely ruled by emotion and lack all common sense in the world.

I mean, all they are doing right now is trying to save each one's individual ass, without any consideration of what would be Best for All -- where the EU's pretty comfortable saying "Good Riddance!" to Greece, and anyone else who seems to be in a trouble.

Countries are being ruled by people who are just as impulsive as any other person on the street, but this has massive consequence since you're not just dealing with two human beings or a small group of human beings, but entire countries with millions of people who have to suffer the consequence of decisions based on emotion rather than common sense and what is Best for All.

If we are going to continue making political and economic decisions based on the past and personal grudges, we're never going to get anywhere because we're just going to try and get back at each other. It's time to realise that we are all just people, on the same planet, sharing the same space -- we might as well make the best out of it for EVERYONE.

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