26 October 2012

Day 125: Double Con - Australian Mining Interests in Africa

The Australian Government is channeling money which was allocated as Australian Aid Funds towards companies who are members of the Australian Africa Mining Group Industry. Instead of this money being used for that it was allocated for, it is being used by these Australian mining companies to further their own interests.

They have been using the Aid money to fund their own Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Now, Corporoate Social Responsibilities programs or short - CSR - is supposed to be the an initiative coming from the company itself, where the company shows that it is not just interested with profit maximization but also wants to contribute to the environment and social community and show that it has some ethical values.

Obviously, this sort of initiatives/projects are supposed to be funded with the companies own money, as a sign of good-will, where the company "gives something back" to the community it is taking from.

So now, these Mining companies, are using Aid money to fund their CSR projects, as a PR-stunt, to make them look good and responsible, while of course if this money hadn't been available, they wouldn't have done it -- so it's really just a con. Furthermore, a lot of these companies have been known to be involved in human right violation, labour abuse, corruption and non-compliance with environmental laws.

So this whole CSR in itself is already quite a scam , as a 'band-aid' for all the corporate sins, where they show a little goodwill here and there but where the corporate word/system will not have a look at how these sins came about and so do away with the traditional way of doing business and come up with a new business design which is not drenched within complete inconsideration and disregard for Life on Earth and the natural balance of things -- because if they had, they would not have to go and make a little 'corporate social responsibility' project on the side -- their whole way of doing business would be Living Responsibility which is the only way we are ever going to be able to produce and distribute goods and services on Earth without creating disastrous consequences for current and future generations.

So I guess in a way, these companies are tired of 'keeping up the facade' Of "goodwill" and "good intentions" -- where they blatantly use Aid money to fund their so called "goodwill" -- while at the same time preventing this money from actually going to people who need it -- I mean, Africa's already poor, now here comes some Rich country and exploit the mineral resources while at the same time denying it aid so that it can use that money for its own private interests.

But then, again -- aid money is also not a solution, which you can read about in these blogs:
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So what is the solution?

The solution is the way of the Equal Money System, where we take a whole new look at how we do things in this world -- as all can clearly see that what is going on in this world is a Complete Fuck-Up and this could have only been brought about by us human beings acting in a way that support Fuck Ups.

Check out the Goals, check out the Wiki and Vote/Comment on the policies. Here's a real solution to the problems in our world, which will be integrated into every aspect of society -- so we can do away with 'band-aid' solutions which make us 'feel better' but make no actual contribution to manifesting actual change in this world.

Visit now: www.EqualMoney.Org and educate yourself on what Real Change looks like
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