11 October 2012

Day 114: The World is Our Legacy

I commit myself to refute the idea and perception that controlling/ruling/dominating another/others is a sign of power, prestige and superiority and something to be proud of.

I commit myself to stop limiting responsibility to stop my involvement/participation within a certain situation at a point where I feel satisfied, without considering all participants of the situation and whether or not I have taken complete responsibility as a participation of the creation of this situation.

I commit myself to take a good look at our countries, our world, ourselves to see what we have created, where it has become acceptable to fuck people up and then toss them to the side under the guise of empowering them to be independent - and I commit myself to work towards the correction of human behaviour so that such acts are no longer tolerated and categorised under 'normality' - but seen as what they as crimes against life - so that we no longer require to live in fear of one another of how another may disadvantage me and therefore, have to do it unto them first.

I commit myself to rid myself of all taboos - where no topic is off limits and all cards are on the table - so that, in our words, we can see ourselves and address ourselves - not allowing any points of dishonesty to be hidden in silence/forgetfulness/ignorant bliss - so that we may learn what it means to be responsible beings who are accountable for their thoughts, words and deeds.

I commit myself to stop all forms of abuse for personal gain - whether it be through direct or indirect, economic, political or military means - as it is unacceptable to treat another in a way we wouldn't want to be treated and if such tendencies come up - it is a flagpoint that there exists a perception that 'this is the only way' and therefore, I commit myself in that moment to pursue an approach of working out a solution that benefits everyone involved.

I commit myself to be open about the mistakes I have made - both towards myself and others, so that both myself and others can learn from my mistakes and I commit myself to educate future generations on the mistakes of the current and previous generations so that responsibility can be taken to stop the sins of the fathers of perpetuating the same mistakes over and over again - but instead stand up for what needs to be done to create a better world for everyone.

I commit myself to take full responsibility for my thoughts, words and deeds so that I can be certain that my change is real and not a mere pretense towards bettering myself and thus, bettering the world.

I commit myself to take full responsibility for the world so that when I have children I can look them in the eye without regret, without shame - because I have done all I can to correct the mistakes of this and previous generations and lowered the burden on the next one - so that, over time, as each generation stands in openness and responsibility of their mistakes - we can take them on one by one - and so, generation after generation, slowly but surely create a better world for all equally as one.
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