14 October 2012

Day 117: The Apple doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree - Part 2

I commit myself to show that the world will only change by example – where those with the necessary means have to walk the example within responsible for other to see, realise and understand that it is in fact possible to create a world of responsibility, sustainability and actual care for one another

I commit myself to show that wanting to have another to change their ways without changing one’s own is completely ineffective and as such one should first investigate where self is not yet standing completely effective so that one can stand as the living examples where one expects nothing less than from what is expected from self

I commit myself to show that the world hasn’t changed in anyway whatsoever for the better, but only ever for the worse and within that I commit myself to in fact change the world for the better within taking responsibility for the mess we created and putting into a place of actual support as the Equal Money System

I commit myself to show that due to the inherent global nature of our economic system, everyone is responsible for anything happening anywhere in the world and so to enforce change will always start with self first – and so it is not to point fingers at other countries but to investigate how one is contributing to the problem and sort oneself out to live as an example

I commit myself to show that it is not okay to simply ‘walk away’ from an abusive past such as enslaving and colonising other people/countries and then getting them indebted in order to sort out the mess that we’ve created – it is time to take responsibility – not to push people/countries/nations down – but to assist and support them unconditionally, without expecting any form of financial gain

I commit myself to show that the Equal Money System is the only valid solution for a world as fucked as ours – to for a moment assist and support us in changing our ways until we no longer have to dependent on a system to guide us – but in fact live the solution as ourselves in every way

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