Have you Ever been Swept Off Your Feet?

In both cases – whether the bubble was inflated with positive or negative energy – the participants in the bubble are being swept away further and further away from actual physical reality and start to see everything either ‘extremely negatively’ or ‘extremely positively’ – neither experience is grounded in reality – because the physical is neither positive or negative – it just is what it is.

And Then You Crash – Meconomics

In this little series, we’ve been investigating the phenomenon of inflation, how we in our daily lives participate in ‘inflating our reality’ and so, how we are on a personal level participating in the same principles/dynamics that we see playing out on a bigger scale when it comes to inflation, speculative bubbles and financial market crashes.

Welcoming New Life with Living Income Guaranteed

Comfort, security and nurturing are all things we wish are present when a baby comes into this world. Yet, these conditions are not a reality for many babies, as parents themselves like these things in their lives. In Pietermaritzburg, the capital of KwaZulu Natal province in South Africa, 3 to 5 babies are…

Humanity Washed Ashore

This was an excerpt of just one of the stories about the boy. Over the last few days, dozens have been written and published on various major news sites. What is more striking than the content of the posts, is the comments that are left on these articles. What is humanity’s response to such images, to such news?

Voting Fun – What does it Feel Like to Have a Say?

Now – before such increased direct political participation is a reality – let’s do a little test to see what it feels like. So – here are some mock-questions where you’re asked to give your input. Imagine that this relates to your direct reality (eg. your town) – and your answer has a weight that influences the outcome of the decision. Of course, in reality…

30 November 2012

Day 147: Constitutional Equality and Voting in an Equal Money System

Many people ask the question whether 'What's Best for All' and 'Democracy' from the starting point of 'the majority rules' are not contradictory or incompatible.

What is being looked at within such questions is a scenario where a majority wants to enforce a particular policy -- but this policy is not best for all – what then?

Many democracies existent today are constitutional democracies. A constitution contains a set of fundamental principles and guidelines according to which the particular state will be governed. It is thus a 'framework' within which all decisions, policy and legislation are made. Whenever a new policy is being developed or when policies are reviewed -- it has to be checked whether it adheres to the base principles, as outlined within the Constitution. If they are not -- they are considered to be 'unconstitutional' and can hence be disregarded. This also implies, that even in democracies today -- one cannot vote on policies which are in essence unconstitutional, and there is thus a 'limit' on what is acceptable and allowed. So, what we are introducing within and Equal Money System, where Equality and What is Best for All are the base principles of the Equal Money Constitution: is nothing New.

Within this, it is thus implied that achieving and enforcing what is Best for All is not contradictory to democracy per se -- as the available options to be voted on, will always be within the framework of what is Best for All. As such -- voting will not exist from the perspective that one is presented with a policy and either 'likes' or 'dislikes' it based on an opinion one has and would vote accordingly. Instead, one will be presented with policies which have been designed by various agents from various backgrounds/expertise who have volunteered to contribute their time to design policies as frameworks and guidelines in terms of how particular points are to be managed -- and these are always designed within the starting point and context of Equality and what is Best for All. The end result coming from this process, will then be peer reviewed to cross-reference the proposal and make sure that all points are aligned within what is Best for All and that no points have been left unconsidered.

All of these processes, will occur in a transparent, publicly available manner -- where at any moment, anyone can check the movement of information -- leaving no space for 'hidden agendas'.

Upon completion of the peer review, the particular proposal or policy will be presented to the public for voting -- which is then in essence the final stage of review/cross-referencing. Within the voting process one is then in fact indicating that one agrees that what is proposed is indeed Best for All -- and if one disagrees, one would have to back up this disagreement with the necessary proof and evidence -- upon which the policy/proposal can be revised/re-evaluated (simply having an 'opinion', is thus not acceptable).

Within this structure Education will play a major role, within ensuring effective education to all children in order to provide them with the necessary mathematical, scientific and common sense skills and insights, to be able to evaluate and participate within policy formulation or policy-review effectively.

The focus is thus on the Participation of the Majority within directly taking part in the policy creation process.

Within this, the approach of 'Prevention is the Best Cure' also plays a vital role -- where we want to ensure that all policies and decision-making are done in order to prevent consequences resulting from inequality. When consequences have already manifested, this would indicate a major problem in the effective application processes where a point within the foundation is unsound and 'cracked' so to speak, which results in having to 'go back' and fix things -- which is unnecessary and could have been prevented, and these points would as such require urgent attention. We thus want to ensure at all all points are taken into consideration at all times, so that a sound foundation can be in place which will prevent unnecessary harm and abuse from taking place. This is in contrast to our current system, which only acts after problems and consequences have already taken place and only then devise solutions -- which is in essence, doing everything 'backwards'.
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28 November 2012

Day 146: The True Price of your Cheap Clothes in NeoApartheid

In Bangladesh, 100 workers were killed in a factory fire. Yes - this was one of the factories we all know about where clothes shops in the West have their clothes made by people working extremely long hours for basically no wages - I mean, can you call $43 a monthly wage?

Labour conditions and security measures in these factories are barely every up to standard. Due to short-term contracts with the clothing retailers, the factories are not certain whether they can afford making investments to upgrade their facilities and improve workers' safety.

Why these factories exist is because people all over the world have become slaves to money. Money decides whether you have food, a roof over your head, an education, a life. The same goes for people in Bangladesh - except, there is not much money to go around - therefore, anything they can get their hands on, they'll take - therefore, implicitly accepting a life of slavery, because in some twisted way: slavery is seen as better than death.

But what is more - these types of factories exist because clothing retailers that sell clothes at cheap prices, simply need slaves to make them in order to turn a profit. The true cost of the clothes you buy is not reflected in their cheap prices. The true cost of your clothes includes everything labourers such as the factory workers in Bangladesh have to give up to make these clothes for you in the worst conditions as this event shows.

The retail shops are able to escape accountability due to the claim that they often don't know which factories make their clothes. The simplest lie in the book: "But I didn't know!"

NeoAparheid not only refers to the fact that the money decides what you have access to and that the elite will do anything to manipulate the flow of money to their own advantage - but also to the fact that those who have will distance themselves from those who have not - all trying to wash the blood off their hands through ignorance. We're all familiar with the experience of turning our gaze from a beggar on the street just to not face the disgrace of inequality that is accepted in the world and how we have absolutely no valid justification as to why we have enough money to get by and even afford a level of luxury, while others have nothing at all. The same happens when we buy cheap clothes in a shop. We revel in an experience of excitement and victory - because 'my friends will LOVE THESE and that was such a GOOD DEAL!' But we conveniently ignore the obvious truth in looking at the physical labour that is involved in the production of the clothes as well as getting them all the way to you - and then comparing these physical facts to the cheap price - there is an obvious discrepancy where you're not paying the full price to properly cover all the costs - and thus - someone else is paying for your clothes - not because they want to, but because they have no other choice.

Turning a blind eye doesn't make the problem go away. Donating to charity doesn't make the problem go away. The only way to solve the problem is through radically redesigning our economic and political system that adheres to a Constitution that ensures all interactions and decisions are always conducted according to the Principle of Equality and What's Best for All.

Assist us in designing a Real Solution at www.equalmoney.org!

27 November 2012

Day 145: Neo-Apartheid decides who Lives and who Dies

Every year, more than 10 million people die per year of communicable diseases (=infectious diseases). Of those 10 million, 9 million take place in developing countries.

Why does our Health Care System fail to address this?

The problem is that of Neo-Apartheid, where money decides who gets treated and who doesn’t.

Our Health Care System is based on the profit incentive, and will thus focus on those pharmaceutical research areas which are most likely going to bring in profit. Now obviously, people who don’t have money are then not considered – because no profit can be made.

So, Health Care then becomes not about what is Best for All as providing the best treatment for everyone – but only about providing treatment for those with money.

In today’s world, this gets translated in a pharmaceutical industry which is becoming more and more unproductive. The focus of research remains on non-communicable diseases such as cancer, because this is a disease which money can be made out of. And it’s not even about the people with the diseases – it’s all about the patents. So even though lots of money is still being pumped into ‘innovative research’ and where they come up with new molecules to patent – there are already treatments existent and most of them are cheaper – and a such, they are not therapeutic novelty. So what’s the point? Oh right, profit.

In the meantime, those research areas where the Health Care System could actually make a difference: are completely ignored. Why? Because poor people are not an attractive market for big companies. There is no care, there is no compassion, there is no love, there is no solidarity – there is only the Rule of Money.

It’s time to say good riddance to the Rule of Law as Money and to replace it with the Rule of Law as What is Best for All – so we can no longer justify the abuse and suffering taking place because of dysfunctional institutions which only hold money close to their hearts – we require institutions that Serve and Protect Life within the Principle of Equality and what is Best for All Life.

Visit www.EqualMoney.org - be part of the Change
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26 November 2012

Day 144: Airport Tender Sham Under the Auspices of NeoApartheid

The Msunduzi Municipality has the responsibility of handling the tender for the management of the Pietermaritzburg Airport. In 2010, the municipality advertised a contract for the management of the airport, for which there were 6 bidders. The contract was awarded to Joint Venture. Another bidder, Indiza logged an objection based on faulty scoring procedures. The chairman of the objection hearing ruled in Indiza's favor and said the tender had to go back to the bid evaluation and adjudication committees for correction. The Bid Evaluation Committee, subsequently, recommended that Indiza get the contract.

However, the acting municipal manager decided to cancel the contract with Indiza without giving proper reasons - only stating they had to cancel the contract due to 'unforseen circumstances'. The real reason is probably that they wanted to get pay-back for Indiza's logging of the objection. It's like a child saying: "You rat me out to the teacher - I hate you now!"

This story yet again reeks of political corruption - where those placed in power by democratic means have no other intention than to further the interest of the elite classes of society and completely ignore and sabotage the democratic processes that have been put in place to protect the citizens from the government abusing its power. Political decisions are made through mutual agreements between politicians and corporations that both wish to enhance their own self-interested agendas with no regard for the good of the community. And who ends up drawing the short end of the stick? The people - who have to deal with an economic environment to which they have less and less access and in which they have less and less opportunity to live a dignified life. While the elites as politicians and their corporatist friends create their own little utopia by means of the sweat and suffering of their citizens and clients.

NeoApartheid has got us by the balls - and this time it's not limited to South Africa - it's happening all over the world - read the newspapers, do your research - we live in a NeoApartheid world where some hold all the cards and others have nothing - no rights, no freedoms, no power - even if they don't know it yet.

The ANC which led the struggle for liberation from Apartheid in South Africa has become blinded by the bling of money - where they themselves are now the ones upholding NeoAprtheid through economic and political corruption - claiming all the rights and all the freedoms for the price of everyone else's. They keep on trying to manipulate public opinion through emotional reference to their role in the struggle for liberation and by continuously trying to link themselves with Nelson Mandela, who, himself, declared that the ANC is no longer what he created it to be.

It's time we design a new world based on True Equality and Right to Life - join us on the Equal Money Forum to discuss the creation of an Economic and Political system in which people rule for themselves, by themselves and where no position within the system can ever lead to a path of corruption and NeoApartheid. This is your world - take responsibility. Educate yourself and join those who are dedicated to create Real Solutions that work according to the Principle of what is Best for All!
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Day 143: The Neo-Apartheid Era

In the past, Apartheid meant the segregation between people according to the colour of their skin.
Currently, many may still mistake the current inequalities in the world as being the result of an 'Apartheid' mentality - but the truth is that we are currently dealing with a whole new form of Apartheid: Neo-Apartheid.

Neo-Apartheid, is the division of people -- not based on skin colour or race -- but based on what you have or do not have as: MONEY.

In South Africa, many claim 'Apartheid' is still roaming, and that the major inequalities present are the result of division based on race. It's really a division based on money: you have those with money, and you have those without money (or very little). It just happens to coincide, that many black people are poor and thus disadvantages -- but the colour of one's skin is not the foundational point, money is, and this is what the Neo-Apartheid is all about.

In the past, for building you had two doors: Whites and Non-Whites -- and based on your skin colour you would have a particular access to resources. Now, we work with a different system of segregation: Money. You want food? This is the price-tag: You have money = you have food. You don't have money = you don't get food. Our current Money System, does not care about the colour of your skin, your gender, your age, where you're from -- all it wants to know is: do you have money?

The peculiar thing with Neo-Apartheid as the Money Division Scam -- is that no-one seems to notice that it exists. We don't seem to think that it is strange, that we go to the shop and see a homeless person in a shaggy box, begging for food or money. We don't ask: "How come that I am able to go into this shop, and get myself food, because I have a card with digital money on it -- and this person who does not have a card with digital money on it, or paper with numbers on -- for some reason does not get to go inside and buy food? Why is that?".

No instead, we try not to look the person in the eye, shush the children that are with us shopping, telling them not to look or interact with the person -- like he has some freaking disease -- and just walk into the shop stone-cold. And then once you're in the shop with all the bright lights and sparkly colours you can relax, you're safe -- that person cannot come through the sliding doors, he does not belong here.

I mean: what the fuck.

If money is our ticket to basically everything in this world, then how come some have it and others don't? And how come some have A LOT of it, while others don't?

This Neo-Apartheid phenomenon, is not an isolated incident that is typical for only a few countries -- this is a World Wide phenomenon taking place!

Let’s have a look at the Lorenz curve of the world – but first, let me explain what a Lorenz curve is:

The Lorenz curve is a graphical method of depicting inequality within a particular area and thus concerning a particular group of people.
You have your vertical and horizontal axis, where the vertical axis represents cumulative income in percentage, and the horizontal axis represents cumulative percentage of people/households, like this:

Then, there is a straight diagonal line in the graph – which represents the point of ‘perfect equality’: the first 10% of the people receive 10% of all income, the first 20% receive 20% of all income and so forth. This line is our point of reference and is always included in the graph:

Then, another curve is drawn, and the ‘deeper’ the other curve is compared to the straight line = the more inequality, as income is more disproportionally distributed. The closer the second curve is to the straight line – the closer it is to being equal.

Here’s a few curves to get an idea of what I’m talking about:

So here you can see the curves become more curved – indicating more inequality.

Now let’s look at the Lorenz curve of the WORLD

Woooaaaah!! That is like practically bordering on the point of Perfect Inequality (and there is no curve more unequal than this one for any part of the world -- this is it) ! That means, that currently, in our Neo-Apartheid Era --- the majority of the people have to do with very little, while a few hog all the wealth. So, we can see that the most prominent inequality currently, is not a race thing, it’s a money thing – and right now, money is distributed disproportionally over the whole of the population and no-one seems to think that this is a strange thing. It’s almost like this must be the graph for some really bad, poor country, where criminals run everything and are so corrupt that nothing is left for the people… This can’t be the graph for the WORLD??

But it is, which means, the world IS run by criminals and we are in a pretty messy situation right now where so many people are living a life of misery because we as humanity have lost all common sense reasoning capability and have surrendered ourselves to fear, where we will never question authority, and never do anything that is ‘out of line’ – just nodding our heads while we’re being robbed blind.

It’s time to wake up to reality, and see that what we have created is so disturbing that it just cannot get more disturbing than what we’re at now. Wake up, the world does not have to be this way, we don’t have to live in fear – check out www.EqualMoney.org -- let’s stop Neo-Apartheid.

24 November 2012

Day 142: Presidents under Fire

Shit is hitting the fan in many countries these days - several conflicts pertaining to the abuse of power of Presidents.

In South Africa, a vote of no confidence will be debated against President Zuma. One of the accusations is that the president used taxpayers' money to fund the construction of his R200 million residence.

In Thailand, 10 000 protesters gathered to demonstrate against Yingluck Shinawatra's government. She is accused of corruption and of being a puppet of her brother, Thaksin Shinawatra.

In Egypt, judges and prosecutors are strkking in Alexandria in protest of President Mohammed Mursi's decree that places him above the law. In what he says to be an attempt to protect the revolution, he issued an order that prevents any court from overturning his decisions - which makes it so he can rule unchecked until the new constitution is drafted. He claims the courts were about to disband the assembly that is writing the Egyptian constitution and wanted to prevent it. However, Egyptians fear the real agenda is not about protecting the revolution or new constitution, but to simply increase the president's powers.

It is becoming more and more clear that representative democracy never actually is representative and leads to catastroika. During campaigns people's perceptions and feelings about the candidates are manipulated in the candidates' favours - yet, when it comes to actual ruling - the reality of the situation is revealed: they never actually cared about the country or the people, they only cared about their own position, status and bank accounts.

Democracy today is far removed from what it was at its onset in the Greek citystates where the democratic form of government was direct democracy. In direct democracy there is no middle-man - no 'guy at the top' that is supposedly protecting the interests of millions. People rule directly. It is claimed that today it would be unpractical to have direct democracy - that the size of the countries is too big, that people don't have the time to go and debate policy-issues. However, considering the technology available today, these objetions are meaningless. If any time was a good time to have a successful form of direct democracy, it is now. We have phones, faxes - and most importantly: internet. Millions can cast their vote on an issue without a problem. We do it every day on sites such as YouTube and Facebook where we share what we like and what we don't like - there is no reason similar technology can be applied for more meaningful activities, such as participating in political life - activities which actually affect people's lives instead of just provide entertainment.

This is why the Equal Money System suggests the implementation of direct democracy so as to remove the need for people to rise up on the streets in protest of their governments where they are met by police, tear gas and rubber (at least if they're lucky) bullets. Direct democracy removes the need to place trust in another only for it to be betrayed afterwards - where it is truly the people who are ruling themselves.
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22 November 2012

Day 141: Even the Rain: Water Politics - Catastroika

This blog is in line with:
Day 137: Greece: The Birth and Death of Democracy
Day 139: The Time is Ripe for Water Privatization - Catastroika

In line with the documentaries I've been watching like Catastroika, I now watched the movie 'Even the Rain' (También la lluvia). The movie follows a film crew that are busy making a movie on Colombus' conquest. The filming of the movie takes place in Bolivia, where they are also hiring Bolivians from native decent to play within the movie. As the movie shows you how they are making a movie, another storyline emerges on the side of the Bolivians, who are faced with the privatization of water.

The movie is very well done, showing actual scenes of the Colombus movie they are making, and how the natives were exploited for profit -- while at the same time, the story is repeating itself in the present, where the Bolivians are fighting a struggle of exploitation against major corporations (like Suez - side branch of the World Bank, which was also mentioned in the Catrastroika documentary). The law even prohibited peasants from constructing collection tanks to gather water from the rain (hence "Even the Rain"). Water rates under privatization become really high for the sake of profit, and in a poverty stricken land like Bolivia: the people cannot afford it.

People have to survive on about 2 dollars a day, while they have to pay $450 annually, for water -- how the hell are they supposed to manage that?

Everybody needs water to survive -- privatizing natural resource of a country in an attempt to alleviate an unjust debt-burden is just complete insanity.

A famous slogan of the World Bank, is "Our dream, a world free of poverty." Yet the World Bank keeps imposing policies on countries which are supposed to be democratic, but yet have no say on an important matter such as the privatization of water.

It is clear that currently in our world, Money gets valued over Life.
Our whole Banking System is a Criminal System, and because of its inherent dysfunctional nature, real people have to give up life sustaining resources for a system that is made-up of illusions (Suggest to read: Day 71: The Money Supply - Part 1, Day 94: How is Money Created, and the educational film: Money as Debt - to gain a better understanding on the illusionary nature of Money and Banking within this world. This is a very important subject to understand, as this is one of the points laying at the foundation of our broken system, responsible for major suffering and dismay).

I mean, how brainwashed must we be, to accept this type of outrageous policy making and perceive it to be 'normal'.

It is not okay for some own resources while others have to pay with it with their Life. Earth was here long before the people that are alive today and those that are hogging the Earth's resources as a very profitable business venture. What authority, granted some the right to have while others are excluded?

At some point in the 'Even the Rain Movie', a scene is being filmed, where the character playing Padre Antonia Montesions says: "Are these not men? Do they not have rational souls? Are you not obliged to love them as yourselves?’"
As the character is saying the words, the camera moves around to the poor natives helping out with the movie, and the message is clear: Why are we still not treating everybody as Equals?

This is the ONE point, the ONE point that creates so much suffering, the egomaniacal idea that one person's life is worth more than another's.

We need to set this world straight, because what we are doing is plainly disgusting. Throughout history, we have heard many promote the message of Equality, but we have never applied it. Without Equality, Life on Earth is a disgrace.

Visit the Equal Money Website, and see how we can create a system that supports All LIFE.
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Day 140: Congo - Children Torn from Families as we Speak to Fight as Soldiers in Civil War

After being a Belgian colony for over 5 decades, Congo gained independence in 1960. Elections were held and Patrice Lumumba was democratically elected president. He had the interests of his people at heart and was set on pursuing economic and political policies that would empower the population after years of subjugation, suffering and poverty - instead of being a puppet for the US and other major capitalistic powers to keep providing them with Congo's resources. This wasn't to the liking of the international community and if it weren't for the then chief of staff of the new Congo army - Joseph Mobutu - who, with the aid of the Belgian government organised a military coup and had Lumumba killed - the CIA would have poisoned him. From that moment onwards, the situation in Congo only became worse. Mobutu became a dictator and after him Laurent Kabila and his son Joseph Kabila didn't do any better. The country has experienced extreme violence and a 6-year civil war.

Today, a civil war is breaking out again. Robert Musinguzi, security manager of 'WorldVision1' says: "Like most of my Congolese, I feel humiliated by everything that we are forced to go through. I feel disgusted to leave everything behind and flee ... We had a normal life; we could face poverty and many other difficulties, we could manage all with the hope that everything will be fine one day. But now we must flee. Parents and children have to hide under the bed, in the bushes or wherever they would feel safe. Now thousands of parents can’t even protect their children ... this makes me very sad."

In their struggle for power, armed groups are recruiting children to fight as soldiers in their army. Children are abducted from their families and forced to join. Here's some of the horrors that's awaiting them:
"In some countries, like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Uganda, a third or more of the child soldiers were reported to be girls. In some conflicts, girls may be raped, or given to military commanders as "wives."
Once recruited, child soldiers may serve as porters or cooks, guards, messengers or spies. Many are pressed into combat, where they may be forced to the front lines or sent into minefields ahead of older troops. Some children have been used for suicide missions.
Children are sometimes forced to commit atrocities against their own family or neighbors. Such practices help ensure that the child is "stigmatized" and unable to return to his or her home community."

While you sit in your warm home, imagine the terror of your child having such a faith - with at any moment the possibility existing that armed men enter your home and pull your child from your arms - probably the last time you'll ever see them.

There are parents experiencing this agony RIGHT NOW. And the reason for these atrocities lies within greed and the lust for power. I mean - that's where it all started. It all could have been prevented if they'd left Lumumba to take care of his people and set the country on a path of recovery, healing and peace - but instead, the 'big guys' decided this was irrelevant and that only THEIR interests were important enough to be protected.

The only way to prevent the abuse by the strong over the weak is to make everyone equally strong through equal economic power in an Equal Money system. It is fascinating how much people object to the principle of equality, considering that this is what all parents initially teach their children. The only reason the lessons don't 'stick' is because they don't see their parents practice what they preach. And eventually, instead of following the spoken word - they'll follow the living word as the living example of who the parents are. Still, we all have an understanding that it is unacceptable to treat another in a way you wouldn't want to be treated - yet, we simply ignore it because we feel we can. To stop war and prevent the possibility of any child to experience it once and for all - we have to make changes on two fronts: to change the economic system so that all have equal power - and to change ourselves so that we practice what we preach to our children - becoming the living word of equality instead of abuse. And to say - "yes, the world is fucked up", then sigh and resume your life as usual is NOT OKAY! and DOES NOT make you a better person. It makes you the evil of this world as you are in your inaction directly allowing gunned men to abduct young children from their homes, directly allowing them to be used as an instrument in war, directly allowing them to rape children, directly allowing them to maim and scar children for life, directly allowing a child to go through the worst hell imaginable, directly allowing a child to live out your worst nightmare.

It's time to stand up and take a stand. This has gone on for far too long. As the developments in Europe show: capitalism is not the answer and the ideal of democracy is currently just that - an ideal, a distant dream. We are here and we have a responsibility. Do you really want to die knowing that you did nothing to stop the suffering of the children of the world?

Visit: www.equalmoney.org and cast your vote for a better world - make a comment, join the forum - get involved. Sign up for the Free Desteni Lite course to re-educate yourself into a principled human being that can be trusted with the responsibility to protect and nurture Life. It's not a hard thing to do - just make two simple steps in the right direction.

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