12 December 2012

Day 156: Honoring the Right to Life in an Equal Money System

Honoring the Right to Life

To understand the Principle of Honoring the Right to Life, first must be understood what Life is.

Changing the form Life takes on does not change Life - Life remains the same. So, whether the Life is a sperm or an egg, or whether it is ‘merged’ or ‘fused’ into a new being – that new being is not a ‘new’ Life Form. It’s just Life in a new form, but it’s the same Life. Therefore, even if you have an abortion, you are not ‘taking’ a Life, you are stopping the Form that that Life will take from taking Form. Because allowing Life to take that Form would, for instance, cause disharmony. So, within altering the form of Life, you’re not in essence, causing any harm. If that were so and you walk on the grass and you kill lots of animals and bugs – then you would be under the Law of Karma for eternity – because you are doing it every single day. There is, as such, also no difference between eating a vegetable or a fruit or an animal, you are changing the form of Life into another form of Life, which would come out of your body as shit, which then again becomes the manure, the support for the plants, for instance, to produce fruit or to produce grass so that the animal can eat it, so that the cycle can continue.

So, for instance, in the case of facing the question of having an abortion or not – one will look at the whole point from a perspective of harmony and disharmony. The guidelines on how to assess whether allowing a child to be born would be Best for All and in fact Honor Life, will be decided upon together. Within this, the central question that will be required of an answer is: What or how is the Life going to be of this being; is this Life going to be free from limitation? If it is not, and there is a high possibility for a disease or a genetic problem to manifest – then why would we make that Life suffer? The claim that one’s baby should be born regardless of its quality of Life because it is ‘a part of you’ is not valid, because everything is a part of you – Always! One’s belief does not change that.

What also requires to be understood is the fact that – because the Form Life takes on does not determine the Life, all Life is Equal, and thus – requires to be Equally Honored.

Therefore, the Principle of Honoring the Right to Life should not be understood in terms of not causing ANY harm or giving every baby the right to be born. It does, however, imply to eradicate all unnecessary harm and to ensure that all Life forms experience the Best Life possible.
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  1. Cool blog thanks Maite. When i was reading this line, i was expecting to read 'prevent' where eradicate occurs. Just an interesting observation i had.
    "It does, however, imply to eradicate all unnecessary harm..."

  2. Cool Yogan - we'll first need to correct the mistakes of our past and in doing so - we'll learn about how to prevent to make the same mistakes again. So - the Principle of Honoring the Right to Life and the principle of Prevention is the Best Cure go hand in hand.