09 September 2012

Day 92: I Have to take care of MY People

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have created an economic system of competition between various nations -- where instead of looking at what resources are where and distributing/moving them in a way where all can have access to them -- we've divided the Earth and its resources into sections as all the various different countries -- where some countries have lots of resources and some don't -- and where this availability if resources is completely dependent on chance and so the fate of a country and their economic wellbeing will be dependent on chance as the available resources, where if you do not have resources that other countries want -- you will not be able to trade and not get what it is that you want/need

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to present economics as the 'science of scarcity' -- without actually providing an actual solution/answer to scarcity and in fact act in a way which creates more scarcity unnecessarily -- where we have all these various different countries competing with one another in order to get the 'best deal' for themselves where a country will only care about 'their people' -- where each country will protect 'their economy' for 'their people' and within that creating additional firms / companies / industrial complexes to 'support their people' while a neighbouring country may already have these facilities which could easily cater for both countries -- but since our economy is designed as 'each one's on his own' -- this other country will have to go and spend our 'scarce resources' to built the exact same points of production just so it can provide for 'it's own people'

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to see and realise that nobody can own the Earth's resources but Earth itself, and so it is in fact dishonest to assign the resources within the boundaries of one's country as 'one's own' -- and then use these resources as leverage against other countries to get what they want

I forgive myself that I haven't accepted and allowed myself to see and realise that our current economic system is completely unfair and does not give a damn about the well being of Life as humans, animals, plants on/and Earth -- as it only cares about competition and being able to get the 'best advantage' -- where just as one's individual economic/financial wellbeing is dependent on where you are born as in being born in a country/familly with money or not -- a country's fate and economic/financial status is dependent on whether or not there are resources within the country which can be used to trade and provide basic facillities, goods and services for everyone

I commit myself to show that there is no difference between the situation of countries and that of individuals -- where both's wellbeing is dependent on chance as resources/money which is completely random -- where some will have and some won't and where the economy fails to re-distribute resources/money equally -- and within that clearly revealing it's values as not caring about everyone -- where those who have will not care about those who don't and only care about accumulating 'more' regardless of consequence/impact on the lives of others

I commit myself to show that resources do not belong to anyone specifically as they are being unconditionally provided by the Earth and where we've accepted and allowed ourselves to abuse this within using the resources which lie within the boundaries of our countries as 'leverage' against other countries and even go as far as wage wars to get access to other people's/other countries' resources -- and within that I commit myself to show that the only reason one would have to wage war over resources is because we failed to distribute them equally and make sure that everyone is taken care off

I commit myself to show another way as the Equal Money System as a Global Solution to all of our economic problems both on a macro and micro scale -- where we no longer hog resources for the sake of leverage/power/greed within only caring about ourselves / 'our people' and exclude everyone else -- but where in an Equal Money System we work all-inclusive where everyone is considered, valued and taken care of equally on the premise of Life

I commit myself to the management and distribution of resources within responsibility and sustainability to cater for All Life within the principle of what is Best for All Life and Respect for the Earth and its unconditionality within providing Life Sustaining Resources -- giving this same Unconditionality back in respect and dignity


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