22 March 2013

Day 207: Will Equal Money Bring about a Utopia?

It's interesting when the concept of Equal Money is introduced on discussion boards, on the one hand the Equal Money Team is blamed for being Utopian and on the other hand is being blamed of being fascist.

So - let's look at the Utopia point in this blog and in the next one look at the fascism point.

Will Equal Money Capitalism bring about a Utopia?

Introducing Equal Money will definitely change our society and solve many of the problems we have been struggling with for decades. Will it become a utopia, though?

You're still going to have to go to work. Your work environment will probably be different and you'll probably be doing something you actually like to do - and, hey, you might actually have a say in company policies. But, you're still going to have that alarm going off in the morning and you're going to have to show up for work every workday.

Pregnancies will still mess with your hormones, where you have to suddenly cry for no reason or have weird cravings or feel tired. Though, you'll have a qualified medical team to support you and so will your neighbor and every other woman.

Your house won't clean itself. You're still going to have to get your hands dirty to keep your household in order. Though, you'll have the comfort of knowing that it's the same for everyone else, since there will probably be no-one who wants to go clean up after another - so, cleaning will just be part of living in the physical world.

You'll still have to study and apply yourself in everything you do if you want to be effective in it. If you want to make something of yourself and your life, you'll have to work for it. And you might need to try out a whole range of different things to discover where you 'fit in'. Though, with Equal Money, everyone will have an equal opportunity to do this.

You'll still get sick - snotty nose, fever, diarrhea - those annoying physical conditions will still visit us from time to time. But you'll have your proper healthcare and a schooling system that is geared towards educating you to be informed about how to prevent as much illness as you can.

So, for those who are worried that Equal Money Capitalism is too much of a utopic idea - don't worry - life will still suck from time to time. But the main stress-point of worrying about money will be removed - which will make life so much more enjoyable.

It's not because we're showing a different way of living, a different way of organizing our society - a way that provides results that are best for all - that we're naive or utopic. It just means we haven't given up yet and that we are not interested in settling for anything less. Why should we settle for anything less? For some, Equal Money Capitalism might not bring about that much of a change at all - those that have a life of security will see it being continued. But for soooo many others, it would mean living a secure life for the first time. Does that make us evil? Does that make us stupid?

Did you know there's children in poor countries who think that there's something wrong with the world just for a moment, which makes it that they can't have food and a house to live in, that makes it that they have to work so that the family can make ends meet? And did you know they think that the people in rich countries are working every day to try to fix the problem so that they don't have to live like that anymore? I mean - let's do that - let's fix the problem.

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