12 March 2013

Day 203: The Mockery of Democracy Continues - Dead People Voting in Zimbabwe

"Two thirds of the six-million voters on the roll are dead," said Biti, discussing irregularities with the crucial list.

"But unfortunately those four million who are dead have had a tendency to resurrect on election day."

(Source: http://mg.co.za/article/2013-03-09-mdc-two-thirds-of-voters-on-zim-voters-roll-are-dead)

LOL! And this is why democracy without equal economic power is absolutely meaningless. Economic power is the only power that counts, because if you have money, you can control and manipulate everything and everyone - to the point where you can be voted back into power by 4 million dead people.

A political system where each one is assumed to be equal is meaningless if that equality is not solidified through ensuring equal economic power. Allowing inequality in the economy makes democracy a true mockery - a play - a show - to keep up appearances of our apparent 'caring' nature. It is done to appease the masses and suppress guilt. Whose guilt? Of those in power? Not really - as it is unlikely they have a conscience. But of us - we who see the crimes being committed in the name of profit - and do nothing, say nothing and tell ourselves things may get better with the next vote.

And yet we know nothing will change with the next vote because no policy so far has proposed to equalize economic power. Equality has become a fancy word that is being thrown around as though that is what Jesus intended us to do with his message - to preach it but not live it.

There is a reason the Jesus message is being taught to children in school - because it is how we would want our children to be - to grow up to be honorable people, caring people - and yet, except from telling them stories, we do nothing to be honorable and caring ourselves - to lead them by example - to show them what the Jesus message means and how we organize our society in alignment with these honorable principles.

We have nothing to show for ourselves and so every parent must be prepared to disappoint their child when they ask one day why there are children that don't have food, or why some people don't have a house, or why some don't know how to read. Can you then look your child in the eye and say 'I'm doing everything I can to change that' - or will you just deflect your gaze, sigh and say 'it's complicated'.

The thing is, it's not that complicated - you can read up on the simple solutions of Equal Money Capitalism at http://economistjourneytolife.blogspot.com/p/emc.html.
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