01 March 2013

Day 198: Why are Parents feeding their babies Mashed CheeseBurgers?

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“A mother totally ill-equipped for parenthood has approached the authorities for help after admitting she feeds her baby pureed cheeseburgers because she cannot cook.”

“Significant numbers of youngsters also arrive at primary school not toilet trained and cannot even use a knife and fork, according the Child Poverty Commission.

Many of these households say they are too poor to buy items like fruit and vegetables as costs continue to rocket, but the truth is far too many cannot cook at all, family support groups say.“

“Independent child poverty expert Michelle Kennedy, who chairs the commission, admitted she 'gulped' out loud after hearing the claims.

Another woman who was given a carrot also admitted she had no idea what it was, she said“

It’s interesting how when we are faced with people/parents who are unable to feed their children properly either due to a lack of money or education (which is kind of the same since education and money are closely tied), that we have to *gasp* or *gulp* and are all shocked at this ‘inconceivable’ notion. We then go about judging the parents as being inadequate and evil for doing this to their children – but we never ask: how did this come about? After all, we are living in a society, as a group of people. When there are people who are unable to feed their children adequately due to insufficient funds, education and cooking skills – then this does not reflect badly only on the parents – but on society as a whole. In the end, we as a society are what shape and pattern human beings that come into this world, and if the end result of that shaping and patterning is a human with no education, no money and no cooking skills – then obviously there is a problem at the core as society.

When I went to school, we received zero attention with regards to cooking, nutrition or how to deal with children. Sure, maybe when I was 5 we once made French toast with sugar – but this is hardly something to base your cooking foundation on as a possible future parent.

There were some directions you could take within high school that had cooking and nutrition modules – but these were looked upon as ‘low’ and ‘last resort’ type of educational curriculum. I studied Latin at that time and this was considered to be the curriculum to take if you plan on going to university and become like a doctor or whatever else would be a ‘high status’ job with a big income stream. I mostly got taught theoretical subjects with zero relevance to the life I was living and had basically no use for it in my everyday life – all it was about was setting myself up in a job to make good money. In the meantime, those who were going for a direction that was practical in nature like cooking, like nutrition, like technology and handy-work type of things – things that are actually important and foundational to living life on Earth – were looked down upon like they were scum.

I mean, it’s all pretty much in reverse because you can only allow yourself to indulge in the theoretical once you’re practical has been established. We are looking down upon life essential skills because ‘there’s no money in it’ and have completely lost perspective of what is important in Life – yes that’s right LIFE is important in LIFE.

Within Equal Money Capitalism, the money point will immediately be sorted out – since employment is a basic right and thus income is a basic right and guaranteed. One would thus be able to purchase nutritious food for oneself and one’s children.

In terms of education as cooking skills and nutritional information – this will become part of a child’s and youngsters’ curriculum. Food and eating is something we do every day – without it we die, as such it should take in an essential position within one’s education.

As a result, people will be able to feed themselves and their children properly – where even within just the parents being prepared, the children will get acquainted with food, nutrition and cooking in the home environment from an early stage. Children will be well fed, which will support their physical and mental development which in turn assists in achieving their utmost potential in life – where manifestations such as malnutrition will be eliminated as a limitation in life.


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