23 February 2013

Day 195: Moneyless Societies and Equal Money Capitalism

This blog is in response to a comment made on one of our previous blog posts.
We will be focusing on the bold segment from this comment made on: Day 162: EQUAL MONEY CAPITALISM - The Way Forward

The idea of equal contribution, equal share, equal this and equal that is probably doomed to failure form the beginning because it will require consent as to what an equal contribution really is. This is impossible to determine and thus causes conflict. Victor Schauberger develops a different viewpoint based on his observations of nature. Nature always produces abundantly so there is always enough for all. This idea is always adopted in the Venus Project. Taking these considerations into account, I believe it is possible to set up an "economic" system where all is indeed free and freely shared by all.

We are not questioning ours and nature’s ability to produce and provide for everyone. Even now in our world where many do not have access to basic resources to sustain themselves, there IS an abundance present. The problem lies not in the presence of abundance – but how this abundance is directed and distributed. Currently the majority of the resource are being directed and distributed to a select few which is problematic for those who are then denied those resources. Even if one decide to run a ‘resource based economy’

So even if you throw away the concept of money and work with a ‘resource based society’ – you will still require a system of distribution to ensure that everyone receives the resources they require to live a dignified life. Making a jump from a money-based society to a money-less society is a big one. That is why within both Equal Money Capitalism and Equal Money we still use ‘money’ – but where money is reduced to only having a numerical/accounting function to track, monitor, distribute and account for the production and distribution of resources. Money is then not any longer about ‘who wants what’ and ‘who can afford what’ – but a tool to monitor the flow of services and goods to ensure everyone access to the resources they require whilst simultaneously ensuring that resource are being used at a rate that is sustainable. So from this sense ‘money’ won’t be ‘money’ anymore as how we know it today – but will only be used as a tool of measure for practical purposes. We term it ‘money’ because it’s a point that everyone deals with in everyday life, everything revolves around money – simply removing money out of the equation will be too big of an adjustment to adapt to – but in essence, it’s just ‘numbers’.

Also realise that we are not saying that a moneyless society is impossible – but that it is merely impossible at this stage. We first require an interim stage of multiple stages to get to a point where we do not require an additional tool to manage and distribute resources responsibly. That is why we first look at what is here and what people believe has value – as money – and use that as tool to bring about equality through equalizing money. Once everyone realise that it was never about money but the value of Life and we have managed to integrate responsibility and respect for Life in our every day and every way living – then we can decide to remove money from the equation, but in the end whether you have money present as a tool in your system or not = it does not matter, because the outcome will still be the same as Equality for All.
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