03 March 2013

Day 199: For How Long Will You Take this Crap? -- Investigate EMC as a Real Solution

The South African minister of finance, Pravin Gordhan, presented the 2013/2014 budget.

The budget is referred to as a 'tight-belt budget' and the minister reminds everyone how badly the economy is performin, how we're all subject to it and that there's just no way around it, but to accept the conditions.

So, when we look at social grants - the following is the best they could do:

"Social grants are going up, but not by much. Old age and disability grants increase in April from R1 200 a month to R1 260, foster care grants will go up from R770 to R800 and child support from R290 to R300."

If you consider how prices will go up, including the tax on petrol, these increases mean absolutely nothing. If anything, those dependent on social grants will be worse off in the coming year.

Now - read the following two blogs:

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Now you have an idea of how come there isn't enough money for social support. I mean - that's the main purpose of government intervention, isn't it? To correct the unjust conditions created by the free market and to make sure everyone is well off. When it comes to deciding how much of the available government funds should be allocated for that purpose, personal self-interest overrides any compassion.

Self-interest overrides compassion every day in every country - more and more you will hear the same song, the same message: government doesn't have enough funds - sorry guys, nothing to be done! And as the population endures more and more suffering, the ideal justification is created to sell of national assets and enter the age of Privatisation - ask Greece and Spain how well it is working for them. It is spreading in Europe and the plot thickens in South Africa.

Start investigating Equal Money Capitalism as a viable and real solutions to the scams we have to put up with every day. If we leave it up to 'the big guys', nothing will happen. So, join the forum at www.equalmoney.org/forum and find out what you can do to support.

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