16 July 2012

Day 45: Homo Economicus & The Invisible Hand - Part 3

Also read Creation's Journey to Life, Day 93: Unconditional Love Explained for additional insight into the point of how we've accepted and allowed ourselves to define ourselves as humans from the starting point of Self-Interest and where we've taken our nature as Self-Interest for granted from the perspective that this nature must be Perfect by 'default' -- and where we've accepted 'Unconditional Love' to mean that we will accept another's self-interest and not stand in their way -- instead of living and breathing true Unconditional Love where we will stand in the way of those who value their own Self-Interest over the well-being of others and establish a world where ALL are supported to Live a Life worth living

I commit myself to the redefinition of the human being as a rational being whereby this time ‘rationality’ will be in accordance with common sense – whereby the human takes in a position of responsibility towards self and others as self and acts and behaves in a way which is Best for All

I commit myself to expose that the current way ‘rationality’ is being presented is not ‘rational’ in fact, as it is based within self-interest as fear – and is thus irrational, as there is no directive principle but an impulse/incentive driven human who can only consider himself

I commit myself to expose that the human condition is not perfect by default -- but is in fact flawed, which becomes apparent when we look at history and the current state of the world where there is no perfection visible but the perfect mess we've created of this world and ourselves

I commit myself to expose that self-interest has in fact no real value, as self-interest is really only fear -- fear of death -- where we've accepted and allowed ourselves to believe that there is not enough for everyone, and so we will lie, cheat and deceive to make sure that we are not the ones ending up with nothing -- and in the process, cause others to end up with nothing -- while this is completely unnecessary as there is enough for everyone if only we were to value Life over Wants and Desires

I commit myself to the establishment of a new Value System, as the Equal Money System, where we value Life over wants and desires and self-interest -- and thus create a world of co-operation where all work together towards One interest as What's Best for All Life, where all can in fact have enough and where no-one has to suffer because some decided they want more than what they need just because "they can"

I commit myself to expose that we are not special and that we as humans are not worth more than any other Life form -- as we are the only ones who will use and abuse other Life forms for our own entertainment which actually makes us less than the Life forms as animals and plants we abuse -- and within that I commit myself to the end of all abuse for the sake of a deluded species as the human race and establish a world system which respects Life in all its forms where humans take in their role as custodians / stewards towards the environment, the animals and planet Earth

I commit myself to show that we do not need to be self-interested beings and that human beings can in fact change -- which can be seen by reading and viewing the progress of those who've walked and are still walking the Desteni process, where within the realization that if we can create a perfect fuck up, we can also create a perfect paradise on Earth -- and with this we start within ourselves as our human nature and extend this change into and as the Economic System where we change the Economic System of Perfect Inequality to an Economic System of Perfect Equality and support ourselves and other Life forms as ourselves within the understanding that we are in fact One within the physical reality we share

I commit myself to expose the illusion of Free Choice as it currently exists within the world -- which is used to keep us contained and complacent and keep us from realising that we are not living up to our best potential and thus I commit myself to the end of the current world Economic System which uses the illusion of 'Free Choice' to keep people entertained and have them believe that they're getting "the best deal" and that following one's self-interest will always  result in receiving a reward

I commit myself to wake up humans and get us all back down to Earth so we can realise what really matters, which is the physical dimension of our existence which is currently in need of urgent attention as half the population in the world is being physically deprived of basic goods and services to live a life of sustenance, while there is plenty to go around -- and so I commit myself to the restructuring of our economic system so we may distribute our goods and services in a way where it reaches all Life and not just those with money

I commit myself to expose that we make up the rules and that all the systems within the World where the system of Economics is just one of them, is a system/rule made up through agreement, through us humans -- and so we can alter and change this agreement and re-align our rules to support what's Best for All where the Equal Money System is the practical implementation of such Life Support for All

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