19 July 2012

Day 48: The Economic Problem - Part 3

I commit myself to expose the economic problems currently existent within the world -- and within that expose that the nature of these problems isn't absolute -- since we've created them as a side-effect/result/consequence from the decisions we've made collectively as a whole within valuing mind wants and desires over physical needs and sustainability

I commit myself to expose that any economic problem within the world is not inherent to the field of economics but inherent to the human race as the character of the world we've accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become -- and so by changing the character of the world we can change/correct the economic problems within the world as they are merely a reflection/extension of ourselves and what we value

I commit myself to expose the various different ways within which current traditional economics entertains itself with "metaphysical" dimensions instead of dealing with practical physical problems which are apparent within the world -- and within that I commit myself to the reformation of the current economic system of greed and unsustainabilty to an economic system which is aligned within the principle of what is Best for All Life, where irrelevant aspects of economics will be no more

I commit myself to expose that the very basis of current economics is flawed and unsound and so expose that everything which has been built upon this foundation is completely useless since it is doomed to fail from the start -- and within that I commit myself to a New Economic System as the Equal Money System which will have the soundest foundation of all: Life

I commit myself to expose that the current economic system/theory is not at all concerned with real problems but rather entertains itself with sophisticated, philosophical, intricate ideas about human wants and sacrifice to distract themselves from dealing and facing which needs to be dealt with as the billions suffering in a world of Plenty while the economists of the world go about their philosophical debates on human wants and desires while the poor their needs are being neglected

I commit myself to expose that any discussion pertaining resource distribution relating to human wants and desires is only a luxury point which we cannot currently afford and should not even bother to look at until all beings are equally taken care of within the physical aspects/needs which require to be met to at least live a life of sustainability


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