28 July 2012

Day 57: Measuring the Performance of the Economy – Part 3

I commit myself to expose how the current economic system within the world has lost all connection to the physical world and is only interested itself as an entity where human beings, animals, plants, Earth – are all placed into the service of the Economy for the sake of a few benefiting from the current system

I commit myself to the establishment of an economic system which is in support of Life instead of being a parasitic entity as what is currently exists as

I commit myself to the establishment of a world economic system which is sustainable and support all Life by taking into consideration all equally, and not just those with money

I commit myself to the establishment of a world economic system which is rooted in reality, and does not just go about distributing and producing stuff with no regard of consequence and actual physical capability of planet Earth, nature, animals and humans

I commit myself to establish a world economic system which caters for All Life Equally – so that this resource distribution leading to those with money and skipping those without can stop

I commit myself to expose the ridiculousness of our current economic systems objectives as they in no way have any connection to physical reality but are only concerned with the Egos of man as those who identify themselves with the current economic system and benefit from it – where it’s all about who can produce the most stuff with no regard for consequence and the billions of people suffering

I commit myself to the establishment of Common Sense, Best for All macroeconomic Objectives – such as ensuring that the economic system provides for everyone’s basic needs, and uses the Earth’s resources in a responsible, sustainable way

I commit myself to expose the wicked nature of man which is reflected within the attitude of conventional economists as their words clearly show that they have no regard for any other life form but themselves

I commit myself to a world economic system where people do not have to work to earn a living, but where people will be supported unconditionally from Birth to Death

I commit myself to a New World Order where work/labour becomes a point of self-responsibility where we see / realise that certain things need to be done in order for everyone to be taken care of, and so do our part in ensuring the wellbeing of the whole, where each dedicate a few years of their lives to play their part – and where afterwards work/labour becomes a point of expression where you take on a position because you enjoy doing so, not because your life depends on it

I commit myself to expose the nature of our current economic system as a ruthless, brutal, heartless system which only cares for itself and if you do not meet the criteria to ‘play’ its game, you are spitted out and left to fend for yourself – where this current economic system is here by our own acceptance and allowance, and where we can just as well design and implement an economic system of Real Love as unconditionally giving and receiving where no-one is left behind

I commit myself to expose how our current economic system and the economists who defend it have no interest whatsoever in the equitable distribution of income and hide behind petty excuses and justifications as to why they will not discuss this point and bring about change, because apparently they do not have the authority to comment on this and so all they can do is ‘leave it be’ and do what they do as economists which is protect the system

I commit myself to an Equal Money System where an Economic System of Equality will be implemented, which caters for all life, in a sustainable, responsible way – ensuring the well being of All Life Now and in the Future 


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