10 July 2012

Day 39: Establishing Commitment - Can't Hide from Economics - Part 3

 This blog is a continuation of :
Day 37: Can’t Hide from Economics - Part 1
Day 38: Realising Responsibility - Can’t Hide from Economics – Part 2

I commit myself to take full responsibility for myself and existence as myself within the realisation/understanding that it is in fact me – an extension which I have created of myself through my acceptances and allowances

I commit myself to rid myself of all likes and dislikes within myself within the realisation/understanding that these are illusionary opinions with no real value and keep me from seeing and working with what is really here, which is the physical as the Earth and all the living beings living on Earth

I commit myself to expose how we all have ever lived within and through Memory and have never in fact worked with the physical as what is here – with the Earth and the beings – where we only ever cared and tended to our mind needs as wants and desires – and never stopped to look around to see what really matters, which is the basic needs of everyone and everything on this Planet which we should all take care off, together – as we all share this physical plane and are responsible for the way we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to create, form and mould the physical into what it is today

I commit myself to walk through the Veil of Illusion as the belief that our current economic system is the best we can do – where I commit myself to let go of these illusions and show / commit myself to a New World as the Equal Money System – the first economic system designed to take care of all equally – the way it should have always been

I commit myself to the end of all opinion so we may all agree – at last – that what matter is the Real Character as the Physical Body of all beings on Earth – and that we are all Equal within being Physical and should all be looked after and look after one another equally

I commit myself to engage myself and study economics within the realisation/understanding that money is the blood that flows through the network called economics which decides who lives and who dies – where the current economic system is distributing the life flow unequally – and thus this requires to be corrected so all may Live Life as what is Best for All

I commit myself to expose and show how everyone’s lives have been defined and controlled by economics – and that one cannot afford to not be ‘interested’ within economics – as this is like saying ‘I don’t care about whether all organs in my body receive sufficient blood to function’ – as this implies the inevitable demise of the individual as the Opinionated Character

I commit myself to show that the only thing which is Real within this existence is this Physical Plane which we can all touch and share together – while thoughts, emotions and feelings are illusionary figments of the imagination which come to an end at Death anyway – so why hold on to them

I commit myself to take responsibility for myself and the world and myself within taking on the economic system in the world – within the realisation that unless I do this I will always be enslaved

I commit myself to study and participate within the world of economics – so I may learn about myself and an aspect of the world as myself as the distribution of Life – so I may become aware of what I have accepted and allowed, forgive myself and correct myself and the world as myself within every moment of Breath – so we can finally establish a world which is Best for All, for REAL 


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