07 August 2012

Day 60: How Far can We Stretch our Customers? - Part 3

For context, please read: Day 58: How Far can We Stretch our Customers? - Part 1 and Day 59: How Far can We Stretch our Customers? - Part 2.

I commit myself to creating a world where the interaction between people is open and transparent, so that fear of being stabbed in the back does not exist and in turn does not motivate us to stab someone else in the back.

I commit myself to stop participating in the belief that fucking someone over is a sign of power and grandeur, but realise that it is a sign that I have psychological problems that I urgently need to take on, because I am apparently unable to see myself as equal and one to all and everyone around me - and thus unable to be trusted with anything.

 I commit myself to stop taking pleasure in the pain of others.

I commit myself to stop acting like a character built on top of and from lies - presenting myself like someone I am not - but instead make my hands dirty and dig into the darkness that is me, where I have hidden all my secret thoughts, feelings and emotions and I take them on, one by one, with writing, self-forgiveness, breath and corrective action - until who I am within and who I am without are equal and one and I can trust myself to be self-honest in every single moment.

I commit myself to stop the cycle of the sins of the Fathers by no longer simply regurgitating the information of how economics works and should work - that was poured down my throat - to the next generation - but instead, take responsibility within my position of understanding and use my common sense in exposing what our economic system really is, how it affects people, people's lives and how it destroys the world - so that the next generation may be better prepared to face the consequences that we have created in our ignorance and spitefulness and continue to develop real solutions to bring about real living.

I commit myself to ensure that the economic system where prices and unequal income determine who gets what is abolished and that any similar system can never be re-established - because it is a direct violation of human rights - and a crime against life.

I commit myself to stop abdicating responsibility from my actions towards the rules of the game of economics - because it's not okay to be an asshole just because everyone else is and because the game says it's okay - I instead stand up and take responsibility for my thoughts, words and deeds in every moment - allowing myself to be the change that is necessary to change the game as a whole.

I commit myself to stop educating the next generation into how to be mean and nasty fuckers who try to continuously win, win, win without caring that it means others must lose, lose, lose - and therefore start with taking responsibility within myself and my own life, so that I can be a living example who stands by her word.