26 January 2013

Day 180: The Word 'Capitalism' in 'Equal Money Capitalism'

The Problem

If we want to correct the current capitalistic system, we have to correct the very starting point as what drives capitalism at the moment. And to do this, we look at the meaning of the word 'Capitalism' and what the origin is of the word in terms of how it is currently defined - as this will reveal the essence of the problem from which all the inadequate consequences of the current economic system as 'capitalism' flow. Once we see the origin of the word and how, from this origin, the entirety of the capitalistic system was created, we are able to REDEFINE the word 'Capitalism' in a way that it represents an economic system that produces the best results for everyone. So, understand that the word 'Capitalism' in itself is not the problem - it's just a word - a string of letters placed together to form a sound. The problem is the meaning we have given to the word and how we currently live out this word in our every day lives, without even being aware of it.

So - let's shed some light on the origin of the word 'Capitalism':

"The lexical roots of the word capital reveal roots in the trade and ownership of animals. The Latin root of the word capital is 'capitalis', from the proto-Indo-European 'kaput', which means "head", this being how wealth was measured. The more heads of cattle, the better."

Source: http://circleof13.blogspot.com/2009/04/etymology-of-capitalism.html

From this etymological explanation of the word, it is clear that the more 'heads' of cattle you owned, the more value you had. And, if we have a look at capitalism today: it still works according to the same principle: the more you own, the more you are, the more value you have, the more influence you have, the better a life you live.

What does this reveal about the word 'Capitalism' as how it is currently lived?

It shows how we have misplaced our sense of self-value through defining how valuable we are in something 'outside' of ourselves, more specifically: in the ownership of resources - where resources can mean animals, laborers, equipment, land, and 'stuff' in general. We've come to believe that our value is dependent on how much we have - because that is how 'the world', or rather, the economic system, has treated us: if you don't have anything, then you're not considered, you're not a part of the economy, you're not supported. And, obviously, if you're not considered, included or supported, it means you're not valued. If everyone were valued by the current economic system, then the system would consider, support and include everyone - but this is not the case.

The Solution

The solution to the problem can be found within the very same origin of the word 'Capitalism' - specifically, within the root of the word referring to a 'head'. Though, instead of looking at how many heads someone owns 'outside' of themselves, as in how many heads of cattle, for instance - let's look at how many heads a person really truly owns - and the only head a person every truly owns is one's own head. It makes no sense to claim that one can 'own' a part of nature or the Earth - as physical resources - outside of oneself. Why? Because the Earth and nature were here long before us and they will remain here after we are gone - so how can we say that any of it is 'ours' - it's not ours.

Each one owns one head and one head is all we require - and with each one owning one head, each one has equal value. A person's value should not be defined by anything outside of the person. The fact that a person comes into being, that a baby is born - should be enough to recognize that this person, this being, has value - simply because it is a part of Life.

Therefore, Capitalism can be defined as:

An economic system that recognizes each one's inherent self-value as being a part of Life, that recognizes this value of each being to be equal - and that strives to consider and support each one's value, because in supporting each one's value as a part of Life, we support Life as a whole - this including humans, animals, and nature.

The Rewards

Redefining the word 'Capitalism' in this way will not only have rewards on an economic level, because we are in fact re-aligning our entire value-system from ownership to Life. What rewards will this bring about?

We will no longer twist and shape ourselves in an attempt to try and get recognition and validation from others, because we will simply recognize and validate ourselves as Life. This means we will save ourselves so much worrying and sorrow over what other people think about us and instead, we'll have the space, energy and confidence to really express ourselves in terms of our particular capital.

Each one has equal value, but that does not mean that each one has the same capital. Capital is that which is particular to your expression and capabilities with which you are able to contribute to Life - in terms of making Life richer and better for everyone. We know each one's capital is not the same - some are more artistic, while others have a passion for engineering. This doesn't mean that an artist is worth less or more than an engineer - it simply means that those beings have a different type of capital - but both artists and engineers contribute to making Life on Earth richer and better.

So, Equal Money Capitalism will be an economic system that capitalizes on each one's particular capital - using the 1 + 1 + 1 equation to make Life on Earth the best it can be. This means that no-one's capital will be wasted, downplayed or ignored. Everyone will be able to engage and be a part of making this world a world of value. It means that one can be proud of oneself and proud of one's job - because your job becomes an expression of who you are - and not just a means to survive.

Within Equal Money Capitalism, each one will be valued and thus, supported, which means no more worrying about your quality of Life or the need to survive, because this will be guaranteed. It means no more worrying about your children's life and their future - because this will be guaranteed. It means there will be no more slaves doing another's hard or dirty jobs, because each one will value themselves and no-one will be willing to subject themselves to the will of another in order to get by.

And so, as you can see - redefining the word Capitalism will make it possible to create a Capitalistic system that will in fact change the face of the Earth and will change Life on Earth in about every way. The rewards will be all that you had always wanted, but were never able to achieve in the current economic system.
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  1. Great post, specifically cool to point out the inherent belief that we are what we own and as such defining ourselves according to owning/having/accumulating - Each head counts here. Thank you

  2. Thanks - very cool.