11 January 2013

Day 171: Life-Force and Expression in Equal Money Capitalism

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Life-Force instead of Market-Force

Price is no longer going to be based on what the market dictates – there will be no more “market” force within Equal Money Capitalism – what will drive and regulate the economy, is the Life-force.

The Life-Force says that the Market-Force never looked after the life force – and therefore, you have lives that suffer. Thus we move to a Life-force that is based on ‘Capital’ as the People and not a Market-force which is based on ‘things’ and ‘products’ – Life becomes prior: the economy should be about sustaining Life effectively, not ‘selling stuff for the sake of money’.

AS such the market should not dictate – the value of each person’s Life must dictate the price of the product. It’s completely different. And that’s real ‘fair-trade’.

Expression and Creative Licensing

This will be more a ‘hobby’ point. For those people whose only income is derived from such activities, they’d have to be part of a greater collective like a Cultural Centre where many points of expression are explored and presented, where the general public can come and check it out and participate in community projects. It will be a place of coming together, having fun events, meeting people – socialising, which are all things people really enjoy.

In essence it’s about self-expression. You want the freedom to express. You will have the freedom to express and you will have the support that will give you the freedom to express. The concept of ‘ownership’ is only relevant to those points that are necessary to make your life function, like a house, a car – things like that. The other things are not really an ownership, because there’s nothing new. You’re simply expressing something that already exists. You are using notes in a particular sequence -- which forms a melody. The melody already existed - it’s just a coincidence that you’re the one that came up with that particular melody. The same goes for the lyrics of a song: the words you use for a song already exist, it’s just coincidence that you come up with it or another person comes up with it – it’s equally possible.

So it’s not about ownership there, or about having a copyright, or controlling it. That’s exactly the point we want to move away from – control. So that people can express themselves, if they like it.
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