02 January 2013

Day 165: Equal Profit Share and Equal Money Capitalism

Note: The EMC is an entirely new project that was started a few days ago. We’re at the moment in the phase where we are brainstorming by answering questions. It’s a messy process – but an effective one to get all the relevant points addressed. So – also note that points will evolve and change as we go as we are not setting things in stone, but on a journey towards designing the EMC. The principles upon which EMC is based are laid out in the previous blog-post. From those principles, we work our way towards what life in EMC would practically be like and how the system will function from an economic perspective.

If I get an Equal Profit Share for each contribution I make in terms of working towards a particular good or service, no matter how much time I spend on each point – will I get ‘multiple’ Profit Shares if I spend little bits of time within different jobs?

In terms of a person splitting up their time to different products/companies – it must be decided by the group as the corporation whether it is okay and whether it doesn’t cause a problem. If it does cause problems you will have people that produce less effective work – that’s where the Equal Rights Protection within the constitution comes into play, and therefore if one does multiple jobs, you take away jobs from other people so that you can earn more money and greed comes in again, then it must be addressed by the legal system and by the group principles, by the group integrity: am I going to allow this or not?

Because of the principle of an Equality Capitalistic System, there wouldn’t in essence be a need to have multiple jobs if your job is giving you sufficient to make a good living. Currently, people take on more jobs because they either don’t have enough money to make ends meet or because they want more from a point of greed.

The type of labour you’re doing, whether it is cleaning a toilet or whether it is being a lawyer – it doesn’t change the fact that you have value to others. That value is measured not as in a matter of your personal profit being ‘worth more’, it’s an equal value. It’s part of a system that has got equal parts, which is everybody – and those equal parts must be sustainable and must be supported equally. Because without the equal parts of the One system, which is Equal Money Capitalistic Oneness – you can’t have harmony. Which is similar to how your body works, where different parts of your body contribute different functions to different extents – but all are needed and required to in the end have a well-functioning whole. This will be what Corporations as a ‘Corpus’ (=body) will be about.

Understand also, that within our current Capitalistic System, we have a system of ‘division of labour’ and ‘outsourcing’ in place – in order to make money for those at the top, whilst those at ‘the bottom’ receive very low wages for their contribution. Such procedures will disappear within Equal Money Capitalism, as these systems remove any sense of integrity, value, personal relationship and commitment one could have in relation to the product they produce and the company they work for.

Corporations won’t be managed by ‘bosses’ – instead, all the employees, all the participants constitute the company and everyone together will be the boss, the labour and the work team effort.

So in an Equal Money Capitalism System – a person will be multi-skilled. And therefore it’s about Capital-value, Personal-value, Personal Integrity, Personal Self-Image, so that the production of a product will be done in the end of the day by less people, because each one will have their own goals, their own ideals they would like to fulfil and be creative.
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