13 January 2013

Day 173: Supply, Demand, Business and Scarcity in Equal Money Capitalism

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Supply and Demand

Pricing will not resemble a free market paradigm, so the interaction between supply and demand as it exists now will not determine anything. Supply will be according to your demand, that means your demand will not be based on price, your demand will be based on supplying yourself with a lifestyle that is worth living – so the demand will change. Because the demand will no longer be controlled by price, it will now more be controlled by the fact that you want to live an excellent lifestyle, that you want to change products – it is going to change what goods and services will be available. You’re not going to buy ‘inferior products’ that you buy because it’s cheap and made in China – but it’s not what you would have bought if you had more money.

Business to Business Interaction

Business to Business interaction is basically based on what a product manufactures requires to produce a product. Businesses won’t compete around products per se, because information around products will be shared and made available to be able to produce the best possible product. But some products you’ll be able to produce differently – different products from the perspective of what they look like, which may have an effect on preference – those type of variations will still exist.

Businesses and Communities

The placement and operation of businesses will be far more regional – simply because it’s an effective way to manage things rather than managing things on a national or transnational level.
With regional, we mean that all businesses will in a way be a community service, so it will be based in community environment and provide service for the community..

Scarcity and Pricing

There’s not going to be pricing control in terms of scarce resources, things are going to be available or they are not. It is controlled by its availability. If certain resources become unavailable, which is going to affect the products that are going to be available – then we will just have to take that into consideration. So for instance, if there is not enough fish in the sea, we will simply have to withhold from catching fish -- the supply / option of fish disappears off the menu until the fish supply is re-established.

Scarcity and Non-Renewable Resources

Non-Renewables will automatically be targeted to be reduced, and eventually phased out completely. Society should not be based on an non-renewable resource. We have other ways to do it.
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