15 January 2013

Day 174: Loyalty to Life in Equal Money Capitalism

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Within the current capitalistic system, customers are rewarded for their loyalty. Everyone knows the mechanism of loyalty points - where, one can receive a card at a particular shop, and with every purchase of a particular amount, loyalty points are 'won', which accumulate on one's shop card. These points can then later be used to, for instance, make purchases within a particular range of products.

What is the problem with loyalty points distributed in this way?

The problem with such systems is that this type of loyalty is loyalty that is bought and it is a form of loyalty that does not follow from or uphold any kind of honorable principle. It is in fact a misuse of the word 'loyalty' - because customers are not really loyal to the shop, or the brand, or the products, but they are loyal to their own self-interest in trying to get the 'best deals'. From the shop's perspective, the 'loyalty' does not stand as a reflection of the quality of their services and products, but is a manipulation technique in order to get customers to 'keep coming back for more', as a means of increasing their profit in the name of their self-interest.

What is the solution to this problem?

Within Equal Money Capitalism, such 'loyalty points' systems will no longer exist. Therefore, instead of manipulating individuals through the misuse of the word 'loyalty', the real meaning of loyalty will step forth - where loyalty means: loyalty to life. For instance, individuals who are consistent, disciplined, dedicated and engaged within acting in a way that supports life - are individuals who show their loyalty to life through their actions. This can be in several ways - for instance, in their application in the workplace or in how they treat their fellow members in their community.

What will the reward be of this solution?

Through removing the manipulation and abuse of the word 'loyalty', we allow true loyalty to develop and be recognized. Within this, one will find that when one's loyalty to life is being recognized by others, it will in turn encourage them to follow in one's footsteps and start developing their own loyalty to life and living this loyalty through their actions and behaviors as well. And thus, one will find there is a real reward within being loyal to life, as one will become someone who leads by example and one will be able to see how others will change thanks to you leading the way. And of course, as more individuals start developing loyalty to Life in acting in a way that supports Life - Life will be supported more and more effectively, which constitutes a reward for everyone - as everyone is Life.
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