12 January 2013

Day 172: Retirement and Holidays within Equal Money Capitalism

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Retirement in EMC

Q: Will retirement be funded from taxes?

A: No - once one has contributed to a company's production process or service provision process, one continues to receive a profit share from the products sold or services provided after retirement - because one has played a part within the company - one has added value to the company - and this value will continue to be recognized, even after one is retired. Where pressure occurs due to, for instance, a reduced birth rate and a reduced death rate - which would create a smaller labor force and a larger population of retirees - government tax will provide an additional point of support to ensure each one continues to receive an income that ensures equal dignified living.

Q: Won't this system cause inflation, as the same products have to provide an income to more people. Because all those who used to be part of the company also require to be paid out a profit share - and so, the amount of people receiving a profit share of the products will increase as people retire.

A: No. Have a look - if the retired population is included within the price-calculation from the start, the point will remain relatively stable. Where fluctuations and pressures occur, government tax will assist to create an equilibrium.

Q: At what age will I be allowed to retire - will it be the same as today - at 60, 60+?
A: Age of retirement will be calculated in terms of the amount of labor that requires to be done. It is expected that once everyone is employed and meaningless or harmful jobs have been abolished, one will be able to retire at a much earlier age.

Holidays in EMC

Q: Will I receive paid holidays in EMC?

A: Yes - one continues to receive one's profit share of the products sold or services provided by the company when one is on holiday.

Q: Will I receive more holidays in an EMC?

A: Here we suggest each person receives two months of holidays per year. If one has children, one goes on holiday at the same time one's children go on school-break. If one doesn't have children, one's holidays will fall during the school year.
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  1. What if the products or services of a company won't sell anymore, the demand ends or decreases, when a person is retired? It would affect employees too but they can change jobs.

  2. Thank you for your comment, perspective has been given here: http://economistjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2013/02/day-192-demand-and-flexibility-in-equal.html#.USE7pfKJog8