27 November 2012

Day 145: Neo-Apartheid decides who Lives and who Dies

Every year, more than 10 million people die per year of communicable diseases (=infectious diseases). Of those 10 million, 9 million take place in developing countries.

Why does our Health Care System fail to address this?

The problem is that of Neo-Apartheid, where money decides who gets treated and who doesn’t.

Our Health Care System is based on the profit incentive, and will thus focus on those pharmaceutical research areas which are most likely going to bring in profit. Now obviously, people who don’t have money are then not considered – because no profit can be made.

So, Health Care then becomes not about what is Best for All as providing the best treatment for everyone – but only about providing treatment for those with money.

In today’s world, this gets translated in a pharmaceutical industry which is becoming more and more unproductive. The focus of research remains on non-communicable diseases such as cancer, because this is a disease which money can be made out of. And it’s not even about the people with the diseases – it’s all about the patents. So even though lots of money is still being pumped into ‘innovative research’ and where they come up with new molecules to patent – there are already treatments existent and most of them are cheaper – and a such, they are not therapeutic novelty. So what’s the point? Oh right, profit.

In the meantime, those research areas where the Health Care System could actually make a difference: are completely ignored. Why? Because poor people are not an attractive market for big companies. There is no care, there is no compassion, there is no love, there is no solidarity – there is only the Rule of Money.

It’s time to say good riddance to the Rule of Law as Money and to replace it with the Rule of Law as What is Best for All – so we can no longer justify the abuse and suffering taking place because of dysfunctional institutions which only hold money close to their hearts – we require institutions that Serve and Protect Life within the Principle of Equality and what is Best for All Life.

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