20 November 2012

Day 139: The Time is Ripe for Water Privatization - Catastroika

Professionals in the water industry, representing privately owned businesses and public utilities have published a survey indicating that now would be a good time to start privatizing on water – as water is getting scares, more capitalizing can be done!

Our system knows no scruples – hand it water scarcity and all it sees is $$$MONEY$$$.

The Earth provides resources for free: there’s water, there’s air, there’s land – it’s all just here, and we’re all here – why should it belong to some and not to others?

If Capitalism is all about “working hard for your money” and “being rewarded for your hard work and talent” – isn’t taking money from the Earth’s resources, that the EARTH produced: cheating?

Where’s Earth’s share in all of this? Earth provided all of these resources, she did all the work – wouldn’t it then make sense that we give something back for all her hard work? Where’s Earth’s share of all the profits in the world? Without Earth – there would be no profit.

Water is a basic necessity for all life forms – you can’t just privatize it and restrict its access and within that decide who gets to access a life sustaining matter and who doesn’t – that’s short for murder. If water is getting scarce, we shouldn’t privatize and ‘ride the wave’ for the sake of profit – only psychopaths would take such a route -- it’s in essence a move to ‘privatize life’. We should rather look at why water is scarce and what we can do to resolve this problem.

As we can see in the documentary Catastroika, water privatization does not work – it only works for those owning the companies who can capitalize on the water until the whole project goes to ruin and then gets handed back to the public who are left with repairing and upgrading to make it work for the people.

Privatizing on water is an infringement on the Right to Life

Support Life, visit: www.equalmoney.org


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