26 November 2012

Day 144: Airport Tender Sham Under the Auspices of NeoApartheid

The Msunduzi Municipality has the responsibility of handling the tender for the management of the Pietermaritzburg Airport. In 2010, the municipality advertised a contract for the management of the airport, for which there were 6 bidders. The contract was awarded to Joint Venture. Another bidder, Indiza logged an objection based on faulty scoring procedures. The chairman of the objection hearing ruled in Indiza's favor and said the tender had to go back to the bid evaluation and adjudication committees for correction. The Bid Evaluation Committee, subsequently, recommended that Indiza get the contract.

However, the acting municipal manager decided to cancel the contract with Indiza without giving proper reasons - only stating they had to cancel the contract due to 'unforseen circumstances'. The real reason is probably that they wanted to get pay-back for Indiza's logging of the objection. It's like a child saying: "You rat me out to the teacher - I hate you now!"

This story yet again reeks of political corruption - where those placed in power by democratic means have no other intention than to further the interest of the elite classes of society and completely ignore and sabotage the democratic processes that have been put in place to protect the citizens from the government abusing its power. Political decisions are made through mutual agreements between politicians and corporations that both wish to enhance their own self-interested agendas with no regard for the good of the community. And who ends up drawing the short end of the stick? The people - who have to deal with an economic environment to which they have less and less access and in which they have less and less opportunity to live a dignified life. While the elites as politicians and their corporatist friends create their own little utopia by means of the sweat and suffering of their citizens and clients.

NeoApartheid has got us by the balls - and this time it's not limited to South Africa - it's happening all over the world - read the newspapers, do your research - we live in a NeoApartheid world where some hold all the cards and others have nothing - no rights, no freedoms, no power - even if they don't know it yet.

The ANC which led the struggle for liberation from Apartheid in South Africa has become blinded by the bling of money - where they themselves are now the ones upholding NeoAprtheid through economic and political corruption - claiming all the rights and all the freedoms for the price of everyone else's. They keep on trying to manipulate public opinion through emotional reference to their role in the struggle for liberation and by continuously trying to link themselves with Nelson Mandela, who, himself, declared that the ANC is no longer what he created it to be.

It's time we design a new world based on True Equality and Right to Life - join us on the Equal Money Forum to discuss the creation of an Economic and Political system in which people rule for themselves, by themselves and where no position within the system can ever lead to a path of corruption and NeoApartheid. This is your world - take responsibility. Educate yourself and join those who are dedicated to create Real Solutions that work according to the Principle of what is Best for All!
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  1. The ANC is a cancer that is spreading through South Africa corrupting and destroying everything in its path...