26 November 2012

Day 143: The Neo-Apartheid Era

In the past, Apartheid meant the segregation between people according to the colour of their skin.
Currently, many may still mistake the current inequalities in the world as being the result of an 'Apartheid' mentality - but the truth is that we are currently dealing with a whole new form of Apartheid: Neo-Apartheid.

Neo-Apartheid, is the division of people -- not based on skin colour or race -- but based on what you have or do not have as: MONEY.

In South Africa, many claim 'Apartheid' is still roaming, and that the major inequalities present are the result of division based on race. It's really a division based on money: you have those with money, and you have those without money (or very little). It just happens to coincide, that many black people are poor and thus disadvantages -- but the colour of one's skin is not the foundational point, money is, and this is what the Neo-Apartheid is all about.

In the past, for building you had two doors: Whites and Non-Whites -- and based on your skin colour you would have a particular access to resources. Now, we work with a different system of segregation: Money. You want food? This is the price-tag: You have money = you have food. You don't have money = you don't get food. Our current Money System, does not care about the colour of your skin, your gender, your age, where you're from -- all it wants to know is: do you have money?

The peculiar thing with Neo-Apartheid as the Money Division Scam -- is that no-one seems to notice that it exists. We don't seem to think that it is strange, that we go to the shop and see a homeless person in a shaggy box, begging for food or money. We don't ask: "How come that I am able to go into this shop, and get myself food, because I have a card with digital money on it -- and this person who does not have a card with digital money on it, or paper with numbers on -- for some reason does not get to go inside and buy food? Why is that?".

No instead, we try not to look the person in the eye, shush the children that are with us shopping, telling them not to look or interact with the person -- like he has some freaking disease -- and just walk into the shop stone-cold. And then once you're in the shop with all the bright lights and sparkly colours you can relax, you're safe -- that person cannot come through the sliding doors, he does not belong here.

I mean: what the fuck.

If money is our ticket to basically everything in this world, then how come some have it and others don't? And how come some have A LOT of it, while others don't?

This Neo-Apartheid phenomenon, is not an isolated incident that is typical for only a few countries -- this is a World Wide phenomenon taking place!

Let’s have a look at the Lorenz curve of the world – but first, let me explain what a Lorenz curve is:

The Lorenz curve is a graphical method of depicting inequality within a particular area and thus concerning a particular group of people.
You have your vertical and horizontal axis, where the vertical axis represents cumulative income in percentage, and the horizontal axis represents cumulative percentage of people/households, like this:

Then, there is a straight diagonal line in the graph – which represents the point of ‘perfect equality’: the first 10% of the people receive 10% of all income, the first 20% receive 20% of all income and so forth. This line is our point of reference and is always included in the graph:

Then, another curve is drawn, and the ‘deeper’ the other curve is compared to the straight line = the more inequality, as income is more disproportionally distributed. The closer the second curve is to the straight line – the closer it is to being equal.

Here’s a few curves to get an idea of what I’m talking about:

So here you can see the curves become more curved – indicating more inequality.

Now let’s look at the Lorenz curve of the WORLD

Woooaaaah!! That is like practically bordering on the point of Perfect Inequality (and there is no curve more unequal than this one for any part of the world -- this is it) ! That means, that currently, in our Neo-Apartheid Era --- the majority of the people have to do with very little, while a few hog all the wealth. So, we can see that the most prominent inequality currently, is not a race thing, it’s a money thing – and right now, money is distributed disproportionally over the whole of the population and no-one seems to think that this is a strange thing. It’s almost like this must be the graph for some really bad, poor country, where criminals run everything and are so corrupt that nothing is left for the people… This can’t be the graph for the WORLD??

But it is, which means, the world IS run by criminals and we are in a pretty messy situation right now where so many people are living a life of misery because we as humanity have lost all common sense reasoning capability and have surrendered ourselves to fear, where we will never question authority, and never do anything that is ‘out of line’ – just nodding our heads while we’re being robbed blind.

It’s time to wake up to reality, and see that what we have created is so disturbing that it just cannot get more disturbing than what we’re at now. Wake up, the world does not have to be this way, we don’t have to live in fear – check out www.EqualMoney.org -- let’s stop Neo-Apartheid.


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