22 November 2012

Day 141: Even the Rain: Water Politics - Catastroika

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In line with the documentaries I've been watching like Catastroika, I now watched the movie 'Even the Rain' (TambiƩn la lluvia). The movie follows a film crew that are busy making a movie on Colombus' conquest. The filming of the movie takes place in Bolivia, where they are also hiring Bolivians from native decent to play within the movie. As the movie shows you how they are making a movie, another storyline emerges on the side of the Bolivians, who are faced with the privatization of water.

The movie is very well done, showing actual scenes of the Colombus movie they are making, and how the natives were exploited for profit -- while at the same time, the story is repeating itself in the present, where the Bolivians are fighting a struggle of exploitation against major corporations (like Suez - side branch of the World Bank, which was also mentioned in the Catrastroika documentary). The law even prohibited peasants from constructing collection tanks to gather water from the rain (hence "Even the Rain"). Water rates under privatization become really high for the sake of profit, and in a poverty stricken land like Bolivia: the people cannot afford it.

People have to survive on about 2 dollars a day, while they have to pay $450 annually, for water -- how the hell are they supposed to manage that?

Everybody needs water to survive -- privatizing natural resource of a country in an attempt to alleviate an unjust debt-burden is just complete insanity.

A famous slogan of the World Bank, is "Our dream, a world free of poverty." Yet the World Bank keeps imposing policies on countries which are supposed to be democratic, but yet have no say on an important matter such as the privatization of water.

It is clear that currently in our world, Money gets valued over Life.
Our whole Banking System is a Criminal System, and because of its inherent dysfunctional nature, real people have to give up life sustaining resources for a system that is made-up of illusions (Suggest to read: Day 71: The Money Supply - Part 1, Day 94: How is Money Created, and the educational film: Money as Debt - to gain a better understanding on the illusionary nature of Money and Banking within this world. This is a very important subject to understand, as this is one of the points laying at the foundation of our broken system, responsible for major suffering and dismay).

I mean, how brainwashed must we be, to accept this type of outrageous policy making and perceive it to be 'normal'.

It is not okay for some own resources while others have to pay with it with their Life. Earth was here long before the people that are alive today and those that are hogging the Earth's resources as a very profitable business venture. What authority, granted some the right to have while others are excluded?

At some point in the 'Even the Rain Movie', a scene is being filmed, where the character playing Padre Antonia Montesions says: "Are these not men? Do they not have rational souls? Are you not obliged to love them as yourselves?’"
As the character is saying the words, the camera moves around to the poor natives helping out with the movie, and the message is clear: Why are we still not treating everybody as Equals?

This is the ONE point, the ONE point that creates so much suffering, the egomaniacal idea that one person's life is worth more than another's.

We need to set this world straight, because what we are doing is plainly disgusting. Throughout history, we have heard many promote the message of Equality, but we have never applied it. Without Equality, Life on Earth is a disgrace.

Visit the Equal Money Website, and see how we can create a system that supports All LIFE.
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