14 February 2013

Day 191: Entertainment and Equal Money Capitalism

This blog post is in relation to a comment placed on one of our previous blog-posts.

“I think I read somewhere that entertainment is not a business in EMC, so it's not handled by corporations? I suppose all people who currently work (and are possibly educated in) in entertainment need to re-educate themselves then. Entertainment as a product or service that needs material resources of any kind is such a boring subject and so far from the priority of providing necessities and basic human rights (with a new definition) for all, that I wouldn't even include it in EMC - not in the system itself. If people want to have fun, they can play with sticks and stones. As long as they won't begin to whack each other with them. There was no need for entertainment
industry in Eden. on Day 175: The Economic Problem and Equal Money Capitalism

There will still be space for Entertainment within Equal Money Capitalism. In terms of Entertainment not being a ‘corporate’ point anymore – this is laid out within Day 171: Life-Force and Expression in Equal Money Capitalism. Entertainment will form part of the greater field of expression and whoever has a passion in writing, filming, acting, music, dancing, performance, etc. – will still be able to do so within the framework of a Cultural Centre which will provide the resources and support to make such things happen.

A lot of people are into entertainment and music at this stage because they all try and become famous and all try to become rich. That’s the real reason they’re all trying it – they hope to hit it big, which is just like gambling. So, at the moment we can’t even really speak about an ‘entertainment industry’ it’s actually just a casino. Everyone is trying to get rich, hoping for the big one. That’s not authentic. That’s why we don’t really have any Music or Movies developing in the world now that is actual Self-Expression

So within Equal Money Capitalism, the whole face of entertainment within this will obviously change once the profit-motive has been removed – and real Self-Expression will finally be able to emerge and be explored.
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