01 February 2013

Day 183: The Myth of No Alternative and Equal Money Capitalism

“In Slovo's spirit, to provoke debate and give us something to sharpen our ideas against, I suggest that equality of opportunity under neoliberal capitalism is a myth. But it is a powerful myth, a false promise – one of the two ideas that are propagated by the powerful and the privileged that help to maintain the present model of development. The other is the myth that no alternative to neoliberal capitalism is possible.`”

To read the whole article (which is quite interesting) and further context:

Democracy: The problem with the power of one

The Problem

We are currently living in a world with an economic system which is not effective. It is not effective because it does not provide for everyone – while it should be able to. We have an economic system of extremes, a polarized economy, where a few have a lot and where a lot have little. Yet, when you get taught about economics, our current economic system is seen as the only ‘viable’ one, and reference is made to everything in the past that has failed.

It’s admitted that it’s not perfect, “but hey, what else are we going to do?”

This is however not a valid argument. Just because everything else has failed and what we have now is still failing but providing a good life for some, does not make it the best and only option.  As the author of the article mentioned above said: “The other is the myth that no alternative to neoliberal capitalism is possible.`” The only reason why one would hold on to such a myth and promote it, is because one is protecting the system within only taking into consideration one’s individual (lucky) position. Wanting to hold on to our current dysfunctional economic system is only a statement of limitation, where those who want the system/world to change believe they can’t and where those who know it can be changed don’t want to. It’s the perfect trap.

The Solution

The solution is to actually practically walk the process of establishing a better economic system for all. It does not suffice to say ‘well what else are we going to do’ and ‘this is the best we’ve got’ while being unwilling to consider and investigate alternatives.  At the same time we require to re-align our human values so that the values which are currently holding us back such as selfishness and greed are out of the way, and so that we can align our values to a new system which takes into consideration the whole within the principle of Equality.

As long as we hold on to greed and selfishness, neoliberal capitalism will always be seen as ‘our only option’, simply because we disregard anything else by implication of our value system. If we change our value system, new doors, new paths open up.

Because sure, in terms of being self-interested and greedy – neoliberal capitalism can’t do much better. In terms of equality, dignity and caring about what’s Best for All – we have a lot of moving forward to do.

Equal Money Capitalism is the embodiment of such principles. We shift our focus from producing goods in the name of profit to placing our attention to what is here as Life and requires Life support – and accordingly resources are distributed. We’ve objectified our economic system, caring only about things such as goods and money – while losing all touch with what really matters, as being Here, being Alive and Living on this Earth in a way that is enjoyable for all Now and in the Future.

The Reward

The reward of shifting our values and within doing so re-shaping the design and nature of our economic system is that we will have a future and that our children will have a future. Our current economic system is not one that is sustainable, and if we continue at the current speed of resource exploitation – the planet will burn out soon.  So it’s not just a matter of ‘yes/no – I do / do not want to change our current economic system’ – we’re talking here about the future of our planet, the future of Life.  What’s the use of being rich while others are poor and while the planet you live on is in peril?

So not only will we have a Future, but we will have a Future that supports Life and where we can release the burden of doomsday scenarios and having global warming peeking over our shoulder and catastrophic events happening all over the place (like living in a world of inequality isn’t already bad enough).

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