27 August 2012

Day 80: Monetary Policy - Part 3

I commit myself to educate people in what money currently exists as and showing that money itself is a scam and that those who benefit from the scam are obviously not the 'common man', but the few elitist groups such as bankers who are able to suck all the money towards themselves while ripping the common man from his money, his car, his home, his children's tuition fees and all that's required to live a dignified and fulfilling life.

I commit myself to see through the charade and assist others to see through the charade of the apparent generosity of banks in trying to 'help you out' by giving you a loan - where something that doesn't belong to them is lended to you and where you, on top of that, have to pay a fee for their apparent generosity because they're taking 'such a big risk' in giving a helping hand - instead I commit myself to show how, if each puts in the effort, with many willing and committed hands, we are able to provide each one with all necessities and commodities that are required for each one to attain their fullest and most absolute expression as life.

I commit myself to design an economic system based upon life, for life - where, if a mistake is made - it is realised that it is just that: a miss-take - and that the necessary support and assistance requires to be provided for a person to learn to make more educated and informed decisions that will adequately support them and their families - where it is common sense that a person cannot be judged on missing a take, but requires to be forgiven and requires to receive another chance - so that with each miss-take, a person sees and realises the opportunity to grow and expand themselves - instead of seeing mistakes as something that must be avoided and something that causes each one to live in continuous fear - because one cannot 'afford' to make mistakes due to the mercilessness of of greed.

I commit myself to stop considering myself as an individual being that only has to think about his/her own needs - but to realise that I am part of the human race, part of this world, part of life - and as such, I am not only responsible for taking care of myself, but of taking care of my fellow human beings and all fellow life-forms that we share this Earth with - and thus I commit myself to push for a new world of equality and not stop until all beings are taken care of and provided for in a way that allows them to discover and realise their full potential as an inhabitant of this physical planet.

I commit myself to living in this physical reality and stop entertaining fiction such as thoughts, beliefs and opinions - so that I can realise what truly MATTERs and so that as I, within this realisation, take responsibility for all of the physical reality - make sure that it does not suffer under the dominion of mind-creations of personalities, opinions, self-definitions, desires and wants - but to instead focus myself and my entire beingness within the physical as the true God - who, despite continuous abuse and despite our slaughtering of its children, has never stopped supporting us, has never abandoned us and has kept on taking the hits and blows of our delusions.

I commit myself to educate people in understanding real care and real love by pointing at the Earth that is here, still waiting for us to realise that we are a part of it - and not stopping until it is entirely destroyed by human kind - and thus, I commit myself to face my fears and stop my selfish desires so taht I can assist in avoiding the disaster of the end of Earth and the destruction of our chance to manifest Heaven on Earth.

I commit myself to show people that we are not in fact waiting for God, that we are not in fact waiting for saviours to ascend us to heaven - but that we are only waiting for ourselves to leave our selfishness behind us and work together towards the creation of a real Heaven - not somewhere up in the clouds or in a different dimension - but right here on Earth - with that which is already here, already available, but waiting for us to be seen, to be realised.


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