16 August 2012

Day 69: The Functions of Money – Part 3

I commit myself to expose that Money is only a tool – and that we’ve currently accepted and allowed ourselves to use this tool in a way which does Not Serve Life and is Not Best For All – where Money is the tool which gives you access to Resources while at the same time have made it a ‘luxury’ which is not available for everyone – and where one has to ‘earn their money’ and ‘earn their living’ in a system which is not set up to provide money for everyone – and within that ensuring that not all beings born on the planet will have a life of sustenance

I commit myself to expose that how we currently use money is a scam, as money is a made up idea / creation of humans which is supposed to very closely linked to the ‘scarcity of resources’ – while the money which we currently use actually in no way represents the capacity of Earth or is managed in anyway whatsoever with the wellbeing of the planet and its people / animals / nature in mind – and so is just a fraud

I commit myself to expose that money backed up by gold or silver or money backed up by nothing is the same thing – as one is merely backing up one symbol representing ‘money’ with another symbol representing ‘money’ – where both are physical substances/manifestations to which we humans have attached a ‘special value’, where it is only valuable because everyone agrees that it is valuable – but that doesn’t make it valuable in fact – because as long as money is backed up by anything which has got no relation to Life and Sustainability we are just going to recreate the same system over and over again – as the money system will have no practical relationship with Life on Earth

I commit myself to expose that Money is not the Root of all Evil, and that a ‘moneyless’ society is not the Solution to the Problem, as Money is not the Problem but we Humans are – and thus we have to change the human as the human nature as our accepted and allowed value system where we value wants over needs and are okay with half of the members of our species living a life of misery if it means that some of us can do whatever the hell we want

I commit myself to expose that any money economy which uses money as a tool which gives people access to resources in order to sustain themselves, and then does not allow the system to work in a way so that all have access to the necessary money to get the resources they need – is evil – and those who accept and allow the system are equally evil – and such a system ought to be put to an end as it does not have the Best Interest of All Life at heart, but only the best interest of a few as those who have Money and such a discriminatory system is UNACCEPTABLE

I commit myself to show that Money works based on agreement, and that this agreement can be changed – and thus I commit myself to show that Money can be used in a different way as in the Equal Money System where all have access to money so all can have access to the resources they need – because Money is backed up by Life, and thus all get money by virtue of being Life and not because they had to go and “earn” it and prove that they are worthwhile to be kept a life by a Capitalist System that does not give a Shit about Life and who Lives and Who Dies as long as the creators of the Game and the Main players get their way

I commit myself to educate those who are willing to hear on how the Economic System and the Money System works, so all can realise what a SCAM it is, and that all the difficult and sophisticated sounding words and constructs are mostly just Band Aids for a System which is Doomed to Fail and within that educate / show that we can have a sustainable economy as the Equal Money System, which is PRO-LIFE and the first economic system which will distribute and manage resources responsibly while at the same time making sure that all constituents of the Earth are taking care off and that no-one is left behind -- which is what Economics was supposed to be about ALL ALONG


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