14 September 2012

Day 95: When Less is More

Two of the major problems we are facing today as consequences of our current capitalistic system are:
- The depletion of Earth's resources at a rate that is faster than what the Earth can replenish
- Job-related issues - such as unemployment, stress and depression due to pressure at work, insufficient retirement funds, etc.

The Equal Money System proposal suggests to correct both points in a very simplistic manner.

Firstly - all goods that are produced, should be long-lasting goods that last a lifetime or as long as possible, as well as being of the best possible quality.

Secondly - Labour should be voluntary, except for a 4 year internship each youngster must complete as part of their education. All goods and services you require to live a dignified life are given as it is your right to have access to these goods and services.

Let's take a practical example to show how these two simple points will solve many of the problems we are facing today and that future generations may face.

In our current system, goods are produced that last for a very short period of time, not because we can't make proper stuff - no, they are deliberately designed to break in a specified time-frame, so that when the stuff breaks, you have to replace it, by buying new ones.

Take a mattress. Affordable mattresses retain their support and shape for about 1 year these days. Because affordable mattresses are usually still quite a big expenditure for an average household, we'll 'put up' with the degrading mattress for another 4 years, until it is so bad that you wake up in pain every day. So, say that after 5 years, each household replaces their mattresses. Have a look at what is involved:
- The resources used that make up the mattresses
- The energy used to power the manufacturing process of mattresses
- The resources used in transporting the mattresses
- The labour involved with producing the mattresses
- The labour involved with transporting the mattresses
- The labour involved with selling the mattresses
- The cost to labourers' well-being as stress due to the need to continuously outperform the competition.
- The cost to each one's health by sleeping on a bad mattress

Now - consider that each mattress is made according to the highest standards in terms of support for the body and the use of long-lasting materials and designs. These high quality mattresses will last each person a life-time. We have the ability to do this, at the moment it is just not being done, because there is no money in it. How does this change the situation?
- The resources that make up the mattresses are cut down to a fraction of the previous amount. Because we only make one mattress for every person and that's it.
- The energy used in transporting the mattresses is cut down to a fraction of the previous amount, because mattresses won't be transported very often.
- The amount of labour required to produce and transport the mattresses will be reduced to a fraction of before.
- The labour involved with selling the mattress will be eliminated, because each person simply requires the best mattress, and so that is what they will receive. There is no need to manipulate people into believing that your mattress is the best buy, because this is a given.
- Labourers' will actually be well - because there is no threat of losing your job if your boss thinks it's your fault the competition is doing a better job. There will simply not be competition, and each one will have the satisfaction of participating in the creation and distribution of high-quality goods that make a real difference in people's lives.
- The health costs are eliminated, because the mattress will continue to provide the body with excellent support, allowing each one to have a good night's sleep, every night of their lives.

This is now only one example, as a mattress. Now, consider that every single good that is produced is made according to the same principles! The reduction in pressure on the environment will be HUMONGOUS - and any job-related problems will be eliminated. There is simply no need to rape the Earth to make money and there is no need to make everyone work their entire life in order to be able to survive. Come on! We can do better than this fuck up. We have everything we need - all we need to do is put it into practice. Out of pure greed, selfishenss and stubbornness, we are driving the world to its destruction and most people are already extensively damaged, either physically or mentally, by the pressures of the economic system. And guess what, no-one has the time to take care of themselves, because most of our time is absorbed by having to work. Takign a holiday for two weeks a year while you're under constant pressure for the rest of the time is not taking care of yourself - it's manipulating yourself into believing you are.

And really - you're not doing anyone a favour by accepting this situation - you're not doing anything that is in the best interest of the whole - you're not contributing an important part to the well-being of society - you're not actually doing anything that helps anyone.

We can turn this world around, and you know it. You owe it to yourself and the next generation, and you know it. You're just making up excuses and justifications to not have to stand up, and you know it. You're wasting your life away, and you know it. You have nothing to show for yourself, and you know it.

But also know this: it's not too late... yet.

Investigate the Equal Money System proposal - follow this blog to educate yourself - become involved and spread the word.


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