26 June 2012

Day 30: Save the Planet, Kill the Camels! - Part 1

About a year ago - the Australian government was considering passing a law that would allow the killing of camels to reduce greenhouse gasses!

"Each camel belches an estimated 100 pounds (45 kilograms) of methane a year, which is equivalent to a metric ton (1.1 U.S. ton) of carbon dioxide in its impact on global warming. That’s roughly one-sixth the amount of CO2 that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says an average car produces annually."
--Admin of B-Fair Project, 2011

And because camels are apparently such heavy polluters of our dear environment, it is okay to kill about one million of them. This is proof of the genius of the human mind - I mean - what a beautiful solution to save the world! In order to save our planet, let's go and kill some more wild animals! Instead of actually looking at the real polluters in the world - the humans - we'll go kill off animals because, what? - they fart?!?

The idea to kill all humans is a much less ridiculous and preposterous idea than to kill all camels - it's definitely more fair, seeing humans are the most destructive species alive today and it would also be a far more effective solution in actually saving the planet - as humans are the only species who deliberately destroy the planet knowing full well that there is another way, for the sake of greed and profit.

The truth behind the story is that the Australian government just wanted to get rid of the camels because they are seen as a threat - there are so many of them running amuck that they trample vegetation, invade human settlements and scare people as they rip open their bathroom pipes in order to find water. So - they are seen as a 'pest' and a 'threat' that needs to be 'taken care of'.

What they don't tell you is that camels are not indigenous to Australia - the cause of the problem, as usual - is the human. In the 1900s camels were introduced to Australia as a means of transportation. Once there was no need for them anymore, they let them go and now they're doing what they have to do in order to survive. So - instead of just re-locating them to an area that forms a natural habitat for them, it's easier and (more importantly) cheaper to just kill them all.

It's fascinating, on top of all this bullshit, that the 'truly' wild camels (camels that were never domesticated) of China and Mongolia are a highly endangered species - where there's only about 650 of them left in north-west China and 450 in the desert of Mongolia - making them the 8th most endangered large mammal on the planet.

I have tried to find any information relating to whether or not this law has been passed - but sadly enough, the media is just not there to properly inform us about the state of the world. There was a big hype when the information got out about the new law that was being proposed and countless of articles can be found about how the Australian government was considering this point - but I couldn't find a single article about whether or not the law had now been passed. If the media was truly concerned with informing the general population, then they would've followed through on their story and their would've been at least as many articles on the topic of the initial consideration of the law as on the actual result of the discussion. Media has shown once again that it merely cares about sensation and doesn't really have anyone's interests at heart.


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