19 January 2013

Day 177: Will there still be Retrenchment in Equal Money Capitalism?

For context, please read:

Amplats should cut costs rather than retrench, says Amcu

The Problem

“The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union has called on government to intervene in Anglo Platinum's plans to retrench 14 000 employees.

It has also called for government to revoke the mining licences of the soon to be mothballed shafts in Rustenburg, possibly even nationalising them.

Amcu has a membership of 26 000 out of Anglo Platinum’s 60 000 employees across all its operations, according to Joseph Matunjwa, the union’s president. Speaking at a press conference in Woodmead on Thursday, Matunjwa said Amcu was not formerly notified of the retrenchments, and learnt about the mining company’s plans through the media.

“This is unacceptable,” Matunjwa said. Given the high rate of unemployment in South Africa, he said the multinational mining company had shown that it did not have the ¬country’s interests at heart.

He said no jobs should be lost and stakeholders should rather engage on a strategy of how to cut unnecessary costs. He also called for the intervention of Mineral Resources Minister Susan Shabangu.

“We call on the minister of mineral resources, for those [mine shafts] on care and maintenance, to withdraw licences and allow interested businesses to mine there,” he said.

Matunjwa said the planned closures could also be an opportunity to see how nationalisation might work on a small scale. “If Anglo insists on closing these mines, it is a window for the government to nationalise the mine and save those jobs,” he said. “

Currently the economy and the businesses that run within it are set up to only care about the bottom-line. There is little to no consideration of what actually constitutes the corporation as all the various workers as contributors within producing a particular product. When looking at companies, we evaluate them according to their profit – we don’t look at the blood, sweat and tears that go into for instance platinum mining. Thus, when a company wants to review its profits (and thus also its losses) and decides to close down some shafts in the name of ‘preserving profit’ – life is not considered valuable and is omitted from the equation of the corporation’s wellbeing – leaving many in a position of unemployment.

The Solution

Within an Equal Money Capitalism, Life is what is valued and supported – and a level of full employment must be maintained at all times. When a company requires to shut down particular departments/sites for whatever reason – the Capital as Life requires to be taken into consideration. Companies won’t be able to ‘fire’ people as this is in breach within Basic Human Rights, as firing someone without ensuring that they are able to continue contributing elsewhere - is severing their access line to income and thus severing their Basic Right to Life.

In cases where some job positions are to be eliminated, new job positions must be identified beforehand or be created within the companies’ Compassion Department.

Corporations will merely be structures of support – here to support Life and the Earth effectively. As such, companies will not be able to own natural resources such as mines, but will only be existent as facilitators – to ensure that all people receive the resources required while at the same time treating the resource with respect within managing it responsibly. 


Unemployment will cease to exist. This will alleviate a lot of doom and gloom on the minds of youngsters who are no longer faced with a grim future where Life is a gamble. People won’t have to labour their way through college and take out loans without even knowing whether all this effort and debt will ensure them financial security as employment is not guaranteed.

Knowing that Capital as Life is valued, will give each person a sense of respect and integrity - resulting in human beings who care about who they are and what they do. This quality of Life will be reflected in the quality of products produced. Not having to worry about job security, allows for peace of mind resulting in a more efficient and pleasant work sphere.  
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