06 September 2012

Day 89: There ain't no Such thing as a Free Lunch

I commit myself to show that competition is not the key to a well-functioning economy, as the unwell-being of the majority of beings demonstrate within this world – where the economy based on competition has failed to provide goods and services for all to be able to at least live a life of sustenance – where instead a few live a life of extreme abundance at the expense of the many

I commit myself to show that no economy can be successful where there are winners and losers – unless all are provided for equally within the consideration of what is Best for All Life – the economy has failed

I commit myself to show that competition is a scam as there is in no way a form of ‘equal opportunity’ existent within our current world scenario – and so every competition is rigged and pre-determined from the start – where those who have will keep on having and where those who don’t will keep on lacking

I commit myself to show that competition as a drive for the economy in order to produce “good” services and goods is completely inefficient and wastes a lot of energy – as there are now several corporations/companies who will make the same thing in different ways, with different looks, with a different ‘character’ yet providing in essence the same product/service – where instead of having one product that works best, that works for all -- we have x amount of different companies producing the same thing and within their own firm creating another x amount of different variations of the same thing – and if one firms product even closely resembles the product of another firm – even more resources get wasted into court trials and whatnot because “they created something which looks like what I made, and I am the only one allowed to make profit/benefit from this ‘invention’ “ – all in all resulting in an economic system of waste where we are creating so many different variations of the same thing in the hope that we’ll be the one dominating the market – all for the sake of profit and catering for a lifestyle of consumerism as the illusion of Free Choice – but as all economists should know: "There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Lunch" – and so our Free Choices come at a Price as Consequence – Are you ready to face the price tag?

I commit myself to show that an economic system driven by principle as ‘Do unto another as you would like to be done unto yourself’ can work more efficient than an economic system driven by competition as ‘I’ll stab you in the back before you can stab me’

I commit myself to show that if our Human Body which works as a ‘world on its own’ can provide for 50 trillion citizens as all the various cells which together make up the body – we can create an equally efficient system as our World Economy within creating a System that caters to All and where All take care of one another

I commit myself to show that our current political system is as rigged as the economic system – where we have the illusion that apparently ‘politics is for everyone’ – but where in the end politics is only for those with money – where for a moment during elections and campaigns the politicians will pretend to care about what you have to say – while at the same time controlling and brainwashing your say through advertisement and other PR stunts – resulting in an orchestrated game where the winner is already pre-determined – just as in the economic competition game – as it has been proven over and over again that whoever spends the most on their campaigns and imprint themselves into the minds of the people will win the elections

I commit myself to show that we cannot expect government officials – whether politicians or bureaucrats – to act within a way that serves the people, if we ourselves are not willing and finding ourselves able to change our nature and act in a way that is Best for All – and within that I commit myself to show that there is no point in blaming the politicians for all the ‘bad things’ they are doing if one is not willing to step up and do what it takes within the economic and political processes to bring about World Change to what is Best for All

I commit myself to show that we cannot blame the government officials for being corrupt and abusing money as each one of us abused money every day within hogging our money and spending it on consumerism where we have accepted and allowed ourselves to have been corrupted by advertisement and media – where we accepted and allowed ourselves to be lured in by all the pretty pictures and promises of happiness – and within that failed to check our priorities where within having been so pre-occupied with buying happiness we have completely ignored our fellow human beings who do not have the luxury of playing the consumerism game, where every moment we spend our energy and attention towards consumerism, those who have not are sinking deeper and deeper into shit

I commit myself to show that it is not a matter of the private or public sector handling the economy – but a matter of principle – where currently economy and politics have taken on as their task the distribution of resources and values respectively – and where both have accepted and allowed themselves to distribute these using the principle of Money and never the principle of Equality – where as long as we allow Money to decide where we place our resources/values – we will have an unsatisfactory system, unless of course, we have Equal Money as the principle of Equal Life Value

I commit myself to show that a world where Crime will be as good as non-existent, since crime is merely another way of Cry-Me – where the criminal is crying out to a corrupt world forcing his hand into corrupt actions – and so as long as we do not take responsibility of our Corrupt System which in its very essence is a ‘Money Magnet’ within only catering for those with money – we are all responsible for every single crime that happens

I commit myself to show that trying to fix the system by ‘tweaking’ at it here and there is not going to change a thing, as the very core of the system will still run through the same equation as inequality – and so no matter how much we tweak at the details, the system will simply re-align itself right back to where it was before – or worse

I commit myself to show that there are barely any economists out there in world who have a solution for the economic crisis in our world – because they are not even aware of the problem because they have yet to question their own value system of inequality – and because they are unable to see the problem with our rotten system, they will be unable to come up with any viable solution unless they themselves face their rotten core of Valuing Self over All Other Life

I commit myself to show that the Equal Money System is the answer to our all of our Economic Problems
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