18 April 2013

Day 215: What about the things no-one wants to do? Civic Duty and EMC

A question that gets asked a lot, concerns the jobs like garbage processing -- and other tasks that nobody really wants to do. 

People often tell us that Equal Money Capitalism and the Equal Money System are very utopian -- then when it turns out that we still have to do things like taking care of our garbage and that we don't really have a choice in this -- then Equal Money and Equal Money Capitalism suddenly turn into tyrannies.

The problem is that we will always have consequences in our world. There is no way around it. People react to Equal Money because we are in fact proposing a system of responsibility. And to take responsibility and treat one another and the Earth in a manner that is Best for All, takes some consideration and puts us in a position where we have to do things -- things we may not want to do -- but things that simply have to be done, in order for there to be some form of harmony and equilibrium in our world. 

I mean, you can look even at your own household situation. Taking out the trash bag and tying it close is not a fun job. But you do it because if you don't you're going to end up with a mountain of trash in your house and make your place of living hazardous to breathe in. The same goes for our global household keeping, as our management of the Earth as a whole. Someone is going to have to pick up the trash, someone is going to have to process the trash -- for everyone to continue being able to live in a healthy and harmonious way on Earth. 

So what we do in our own household in terms of those jobs that are 'not so nice'-- we have a rotational system where everyone once in a while has to tend to those 'not so nice jobs'. Yes, it's not fun, but it needs to be done so it gets done from a starting point of principle, and from a starting point of understanding that if it doesn't get done, it's going to create consequence, and no-one likes to do it, so let's all share the task -- then it's spread out more and doesn't become a 'big thing' that only 'one person' has to do.

So in terms of those jobs that need to be done but no-one really wants to do -- we'll have a rotational system, where once in a while it will be your turn to contribute to maintaining the equilibrium in society and the Earth -- where for a moment, you will be participating in a task which is 'not so nice' -- but needs to be done to keep everything else nice. This will be part of one's Civic Duties -- just as in the current system where you can be called up for jury duty, something you may not particularly want to do -- but have to do within being part of society.


  1. Do you know the concept of free rider?

  2. Juan - see: http://economistjourneytolife.blogspot.com/2013/04/day-217-whos-free-riding-who.html