21 August 2012

Day 74: The Money Supply - Part 4

I commit myself to design an Economic System that allows and assures a stable life for each one, as the value of money stands equal to life - and thus, a system that one can actually trust, a system that is an actual platform of support for life to flourish.

I commit myself to reverse my trust - from placing my trust in an economic system of instability, chaos and inequality - to an economic system of stability, transparancy and equality, a system that is founded within and operates according to the principle of what is best for all.

I commit myself to give all power back to the people - away from elite individuals such as bankers who throughout history acquired the power to influence the course of the world without requiring to consider what is in the best interest of all, but only what is in their own best interest.

I commit myself to expose the nature of international relations where each one competes with every one else to obtain the best result for themselves without caring about the consequences in other places and I commit myself to expose how the major powers in the world have taken advantage of those with less resources/money through forcing them into positions of continued dependence.

I commit myself to establish an economic system that is not split or separated into two sides - where all live on the same plain - the plain of equality - where, in order for some to live a decent life, there is no need to sacrifice the many and doom them to hell on Earth - but instead, we bring Heaven to Earth for all equally.


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