10 August 2012

Day 63: The Consumer Price Index - Part 3

I commit myself to the establishment of a New Economic Order where all studies and measurements are directed towards real economic welfare for ALL and not just those with money -- where the welfare the economy is directly linked to the welfare of all its constituents

 I commit myself to expose that any economic system which only caters for those with money without doing everything possible to provide everyone with money, does not have the best interest of All at heart and thus I commit myself to the establishment of a new economic system where all have money by virtue of being Life -- and thus they will always be catered for from Birth to Death

I commit myself to the establishment of a Down to Earth economic system who's primary focus will be to responsibly manage the resources given to us by planet Earth and distribute them equally according to the requirements of Life on Earth

And within that I commit myself to expose that the current economic system has lost all connection to the Earth as it used mind values as a standard of resource distribution with no consideration for sustainability -- and where the economists have to constantly come up with new systems and theories as band-aids for the innumerable amount of cracks and leaks in the current system which are a consequence of its unsound foundation -- instead of seeing and realising that our current system cannot be saved/fixed through band-aids but must just be completely destroyed/removed so we can build a new economic system which is in fact sound and operates in harmony with the Earth

I commit myself to expose the true nature of economics and how economists use numbers to mislead and create a false picture of what actually goes on on Earth

I commit myself to show that anyone who defends the current economic system and its limitations cannot be trusted as they are within that making a statement that they will always act within their own self-interest and never consider treating another as an equal

I commit myself to the creation of a TRUE masterpiece as the Equal Money System, the first economic system in the world to manage resources responsibly, sustainably while taking care of the inhabitants of Earth equally -- leaving no-one behind


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