16 November 2012

Day 136: We're Free, but We're Wussies in the Face of Authority

I'm sure you've probably heard about the psychological test that was conducted 50 years ago in relation to human morality. The test-subjects were told that they were participating in a test on educational techniques and whether individuals learn better if they receive punishment after getting an answer wrong. At the beginning, the test-subject meets with the person playing the professor and the person playing another test-subject. There is a rigged draw to decide who will be the learner and who will be the teacher. The actor playing the other test-subject is always the learner and the actual test-subject is the teacher. The test-subject sees the fake test-subject being strapped to a chair and hooked up on the one end of a machine that administers electric shocks. The 'teacher' hears the 'learner' say to the 'professor' that he has heart problems, upon which the 'professor' replies that the shocks might be painful, but not harmful.

The 'teacher' is then brought to another room, where the side of the machine is where the shocks are being administered. The learner has to answer questions and every time he gets the answer wrong, the teacher has to give an electric shock through the machine. The first time it starts at 15V, and every time it keeps going up. The first few times, the teacher doesn't hear any response. After a while, he hears the recorded voice of the learner making sounds indicating pain - which increase in intensity as the voltage goes up - after a while even intense screams. At 120V, the teacher hears the learner saying he wants to stop the test, because his heart is acting up, and he's had enough. This is when many of the teachers start hesitating or ask the 'professor' if they shouldn't stop because the 'learner' wants to quit. Dependent on how fervently the 'teacher' objects to continuing, the 'professor' says: 'Please continue'; 'It is essential that you complete the experiment'; 'You don't have a choice'. 50 years ago, about 60% of the people actually continued with the test, even after the 'learner' begged to stop.

In the TV-show 'Curiosity' the question was raised if people were evil and the same test was conducted again. It was conducted on a far smaller scale, and not for the purpose of generating scientific results - but the same conditions were applied as 50 years ago. And guess what - 77% of the people continued administering shocks after 150V, after the 'learner' indicated he couldn't go anymore.

When asking the people why they did - most said that 'well, the professor said I had to' - lol.

We believe ourselves be such moral beings - where we even see the terms 'humane' and 'inhumane' to reflect our moral virtues - but when it comes down to it - we're ready to throw all of it out the window if someone else, a person in position of apparent authority, says we should. Remember - the test-subjects were under the impression that they could have been the one on the other end of the machine, and that it was just luck that placed them in the 'teacher' position - so they were willing to do unto another what they wouldn't want anyone to have done unto them.

As long as we're willing to bow down to a form of authority in the name of fear - we cannot claim to be free. As long as we're afraid of any form of perceived authority - we're their puppets and slaves - and that's exactly what's happening in the world right now. We're being scammed by economists, politicians, media, advertisement - left, right and centre. And then we ask: But why is the world in such a bad condition? Why are all these horrible things happening? Well - it's simple: Because you're a wussie - we're all wussies. But we don't have to be. If we can agree that hurting other people in ways we wouldn't want to be hurt is insane - and if it's fear that would drive us to commit such acts - then we can agree that fear is a sign of insanity. We're not sane when we're fearful - because when we're fearful we just throw our common sense out the door. Now - wouldn't you say then that the first step at Freedom - a value everyone seems to hold so dear - would be to free yourself from your own insanity - from your fear?

Suggest checking out Desteni Lite - it's a free course that will give you the tools on how to free yourself from your own insanity. If you see that there's problems in this world and something needs to be done - then start there. There's no point in making bold statements of change if we won't have the guts to actually implement them. And if any excuses and justifications are coming up as apparent reasons for why you shouldn't go check it out - know that you're just protecting your own insanity and you ARE the evil in this world. I mean, really - what have you got to lose?
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